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Description of Vermodje Cytover 25 tabs

Vermodje Cytover 25 tabs is produced at the form of 50 mcg pills, with Liothyronine Sodium 50 mcg as its active component. It is possible to find the drug under the T3 and Cytomel names. Cytover’s specification is in user’s body fat transmutation to new vim rate for further heavy loads. In other words, the drug supports fat transforming into new musculature mass. With the help of the drug, the metabolic processes will become faster and the fat will qualitatively disappear. If these benefits have awaken your interest in Cytover 25 tabs, you will easily find it on The responsible care of the drug’s administration is important, as the amount of kilos, the user wants to lose, depends on the dosage and the drug (Cytover has some more useful functions). The athletes, who are the beginners, would be very enthusiastic about one of the drug’s qualitative feature -to decrease fat amount at the body! This function is still active, working on its own, if the user does not exercise, but, of course, the effect will be higher, if the workouts take place and the nutrition is appropriate for user’s kind of exercises. The drug is supporting fat oxidization and picks up the energy slack, which has been used during the course.

Dosage of Vermodje Cytover 25 tabs

The recommended male dosage is 25-100 mcg a day. The female dose should be a bit less- 25-50 mcg per day. The drug stays active at the organism for 10 hours. With the proper usage and not exceeded dosage, the drug will be able to supply the user with the highest efficiency at unnecessary extra weight reduction. The cycle continues 6 weeks, and at that period of time, the users usually take the Clenbuterol as well. The facility of taking Boldenone/Testosterone Propionate/Methandienone/Nandrolone together with Cytover is beneficial, as these combinations are making the protein conversion quicker, and it leads to steroids’ much effective increasing. You are able to make sure of that Cytover function personally, after ordering it on It is important to understand, that exactly the expedient usage method will help to achieve maximal drug’s benefits. The thing is that Cytover is just supporting the trainings and the proper diet, not replacing them. The right way of keeping the drug is far from children, at dry, dark place, with temperature ranges from 15 to 25 ° C.

Side Effects of Vermodje Cytover 25 tabs

The possible Vermodje Cytover 25 tabs side effects are increased heart rate, dyspnea, irritability, irregular heartbeat, sickness, sweatiness /increased sweating, headaches, metabolic disorder, mental derangement, tremor, diarrhoeal disease, retching, stomach disorder/cramps, fussiness, irascibility, sleeplessness, pyrexia. Women could face the challenge of irregular menstrual periods.

Vermodje Cytover 25 tabs administration is having some contraindications: increased individual sensitivity to the drug, affection of the heart, breast pang/the pain in the chest, ischemic heart disease, backward heart failure, each saccharine disease type. It is not recommended to take the drug, when the problems with hypophysis or suprarenal gland exists. The cases of over dosage are not known to happen.

Manny 03/04/2017

first time

please tell me if I should take this medication, I go to the gym 4 times in week, but the result doesn't suit me? how effective is it?

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Vermodje Cytover 25 tabs

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