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Description of Vermodje Cytover 100 tabs

Cytover main components is Liothyronine (T-3) in amount of 50 mg for a tablet (the package includes 100 tabs). Liothyronine substance is naturally secreted in the organism by thyroid gland. The drug itself is not an anabolic steroid, furthermore- it is medically prescribed to treat thyroid incompetence, tiredness, adiposity. After ordering Cytover (Liothyronine Sodium) on our site -, you will notice and even feel, how the metabolism is becoming faster. This will lead to the increased cells’ functioning tempo- the use of carbo-hydrates, proteins and fats in the body will become faster. The drug is often preferred among the bodybuilders for its qualitative body fat reducing function. It is usually used at pre-contest workouts for faster fat burning with less attention spent on calories’ counting. The Cytover + Clenbuterol combination is becoming more popular year after year, as the advantages of this mix will help to achieve stunning physique. The specific feature of thyroid hormones plus steroids combination is much higher anabolic effect, comparing to steroids’ administration without that hormone supplementation. The possible reason of it is an increased use of proteins by the organism, which provides it with more active musculature gaining.

Dosage of Vermodje Cytover 100 tabs

The dosage of Vermodje Cytover 100 tabs should be increased little by little. The taking of the drug at the very first day should be just one pill (25mcg). Then, the dose will be gradually elevated, by taking one more 25 mcg pill each 3-4 days, until the user will reach the highest allowed daily dose- 100mcg. This gradual way of administration will support the organism, while the thyroid hormone level will become higher, and, what is of even more importance- it will protect the user from unexpected organism reactions, caused by its changes. For blood levels stabilizing, it is recommended to separate the daily dose (for example- 50mcg in the morning and 50 mcg in the evening). It is better for female users to take 50mcg a day maximum, as the side effects of Cytover are reflected on women users more often, than on men. The appropriate drug cycle continuation is six weeks maximum, with step-by-step dosage lessening (minus one pill (25 mcg) each 3-4 days) to the end of the course. The exceeded dosage or period of drug administration could lead to constant thyroid gland scarcity. Some way or other, the decisions on the drug administration need to be made in consultation with the physician and after the thyroid functioning analysis.

Side effects of Vermodje Cytover 100 tabs

The Cytover administration is having some contraindications: increased individual sensitivity to the drug, affection of the heart, breast pang/the pain in the chest, ischemic heart disease, backward heart failure, each saccharine disease type. It is not recommended to take the drug, when the problems with hypophysis or suprarenal gland exists. The high-quality Vermodje Cytover worth buying it on, because, in addition to all listed above benefits, it is able to stimulate the proper functioning of the body in case, the problems do exist.

Eric 03/04/2017


I like this product - no side effects. It acts gently but very effectively, I would recommend this drug.

Dian7304 02/09/2017

which is better?

By advice of my coach I decided to buy Liothyronine. Please help me to choose the best drug from those that are presented here! Large range and all prices are very different from each other.

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Vermodje Cytover 100 tabs

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