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Zhengzhou Exemestane 25mg 25 tabs

Zhengzhou Exemestane is one of the successful suppression of steroidal aromatase, similar in structure to androstenedione. The operating component is Exemestane.

Description of Zhengzhou Exemestane 25mg 25 tabs

Initially, the drug was developed for the treatment of women suffering from mammary cancer.

In bodybuilding Exemestane is applied in the PST to reduce aromatase effect, irreversibly blocking the conversion of androgens to estrogens.

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Inhibitors of an aromatase are sectioned into two groups – type I and II. The IA agents having a steroid structure (Exemestane) relate to I, and nonsteroidal ones, such as Anastrozole and Letrozole — to type II.

Exemestane gives a better result than an Anastrozole approximately for 50%. Besides, at the same dosage, it is capable not only to increase the own testosterone for 60% but also to lower GSPG fraction by 20% that increases the free testosterone.

Exemestane is optimal SERM during PCT. When using Tamoxifen and Clomiphene with HCG the remedy is best suited for their cycle needs.

Dosage of Zhengzhou Exemestane 25mg 25 tabs

For the prevention (in bodybuilding): 12.5 mg a day.

For the treatment of gynecomastia: 25 mg per day until disappearance of symptoms (in further — by 12.5 mg).

Competing athletes take daily 25 mg for 7 – 14 days before the event to give the beautiful muscular «drawing» and the tissue mass density.

It is necessary to remember: The drug is not used to reduce estradiol to a minimum, but to maintain its level in the normal range.

Exemestane increases total testosterone by almost 60% for 10 days (25 mg per day), and a free testosterone grows by more than 100%.

When applying 12.5 mg during the steroid post-therapy, the results are excellent. Sexual desire is there with you, and wellbeing — too.

Reception at the rate of steroids:

  • After an absorption in the amount 25 mg for once, the remedy quickly eliminates 80 – 90% of enzymes of an aromatase, keeping for 72 hours.
  • When used with short half-life steroids (testosterone propionate, Methandrostenolone): after a 10-day course, it is necessary to do an estradiol analysis and intake 12.5 mg a day.
  • Then, after 10 days one tests an estradiol quantity again and corrects the dosage in accordance with their results.
  • When using steroids with long esters (Sustanon, Cypionate): 3 – 4 weeks course is tested for estradiol, then one applies 12.5 mg a day. In 10 days the test is carried out again and the dose is corrected.

Like other AI, Aromasin dosage can be adjusted according to subjective feelings. The remedy provides the different extent of suppression of estrogen, and it is flexibility that turns exemestane into the universal drug.

Side effects of Zhengzhou Exemestane 25mg 25 tabs

Excess of dosages and abuse of exemestane leads to excessive suppression of estrogen production and the following effects:

  • fever inflow;
  • nausea;
  • the increased risk of fractures (for 60%);
  • joint pains;
  • formation of arterial and venous thrombi;
  • dryness of urogenital zone mucosas.

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Zhengzhou Exemestane 25mg 25 tabs

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