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Description of Zhengzhou Anastrozole 1 mg 50 tabs

Anastrozole is the known inhibitor of an aromatase (an enzyme transforming testosterone and androstenedione to estrogen).

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The drug is prescribed for women as a substitution therapy in menopause if they have symptoms of malignant neoplasm in the mammary gland at an early stage in the addition to the main therapy (surgical intervention, radiation) to prevent activation of cancer cells.

Anastrozole is compared often to the remedy Tamoxifen (citrate of a Tamoxifen) since both drugs slow down development of a cancer tumor.

But Anastrozole is considered more productive remedy of estrogen suppression as it blocks an aromatase.

Tamoxifen only depresses estrogen action, but not its secretion. If after applying of Tamoxifen the development of a mamma cancer isn't stopped, ones prescribe Anastrozole.

Zhengzhou Anastrozole is the successful remedy of an excess quantity estrogen decrease for male bodybuilders applying steroids. Its combination with Tamoxifen guarantees a decline of the probability of development of side effects from estrogen.

Anastrozole suppresses estrogen secretion and Finasteride blokes a conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (or DHT). In this case, undesirable manifestations from estrogen and DHT are reduced greatly . Propecia lessens the quantity of dihydrotestosterone in blood, preventing such unpleasant androgenic effect as man's baldness.

When using steroids with high aromatization (including testosterone) it is possible to achieve an expressive relief of muscular structure with the minimum water delay and a gynecomastia absence if to intake Anastrozole with Propecia.

But, on the other hand, estrogen improves force elasticity of muscle fibers and their ability to withstand high physical tension, reducing a risk of traumatizing.

Dosage of Anastrozole 1 mg 50 tabs

The amount of drug for men in days fluctuates from 0,5 mg to 3 mg. The maximum dose for women in an amount of 1 mg a day is quite sufficient against the emergence of negative estrogen influences.

As Anastrozole is actively excreted from the organism, the daily dose has to be divided into 2 – 6 receptions. During the delivery of Post-Cycle-Therapy (or PCT) athletes begin with a high dose, gradually reducing it within 1 – 2 weeks.

Clinical trials confirm that 1 mg a day provides a suppression of the activity of estrogens by 80%.

Side effects of Anastrozole 1 mg 50 tabs

One of the serious adverse concomitant effects of Anastrozole is the risk of sprains and ruptures of muscle fibers. The reason is a suppression of estrogen properties and consequently simultaneous derogation of advantages of this hormone.

Thus, a drawback of Anastrozole is high inhibition of the activity of estrogen, including his positive impact on cholesterol level and the decrease of «good cholesterol» (HDL fractions).

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At first I was afraid of Chinese manufacturers of sports pharmacology, but in vain. Great effect, and the price difference is huge.

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Zhengzhou Anastrozole 1mg 50 tabs

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