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Description of Vermodje Tamoxiver 25 tabs

Tamoxifen Citrate is an anti-estrogenic drug, which is manufactured by Vermodje Company under the trade name Tamoxiver. 1 tablet of Tamoxiver contains 20 mg of the active substance. From a pharmacological point of view, this medicine is an antagonist of estrogenic receptors in breast tissues and at the same time acts as an agonist in endometrium tissues. This is why this substance can provide a compounded action. Probably one of the most important indications for Tamoxiver is the need to treat breast cancer in pre- and postmenopausal female patients. The best prices for this highly effective medicine as well as more useful information can be found at our online-store at the address

Tamoxifen can bind with estrogen receptors in cancer cells instead of natural estrogen thus stopping cancer propagation. This competitive antagonism allows Tamoxiver to prevent estrogenic action. For this reason, the product is often prescribed as an additional drug in the course of aromatized steroid therapy. However, bodybuilders should remember that this medicine does not reduce estrogen levels in their body but just blocks the estrogen action.

This medicine is also widely used in the course of infertility treatment in women with menstrual cycle dysfunctions.

In the bodybuilding sphere, Tamoxiver is taken in order to prevent popular estrogen-related side effects, such as gynecomastia or water retention. It is usually taken in small doses as a preventative medicine. For this purpose, some other drugs can be prescribed too, including Clomiphene citrate or a number of medicines belonging to anti-aromatase group.

Dosage of Vermodje Tamoxiver 25 tabs

Bodybuilders use Tamoxiver as an auxiliary drug in their steroid therapy or as a recovery medicine in the post cycle therapy. This effective and necessary medicine is available for you at our online-shop at at the best prices.

The post-cycle therapy with Tamoxiver should be started once a bodybuilder has finished their steroid cycle. This approach can help to avoid a dramatic mass loss, which is a popular side effect after cancelling steroids. The duration of the post-cycle therapy depends on the kind of a steroid drug used by a sportsman. The post-cycle therapy after the treatment involving orals or short-acting steroids usually lasts about 4-7 days. If a bodybuilder injects long-acting esters, PCT usually lasts about 10-14 days.

For infertility treatment, Tamoxiver is used at a daily dosage of 10-40 mg.

Side effects of Vermodje Tamoxiver 25 tabs

A side effect of Tamoxiver, which can be considered beneficial, is the product’s ability to prevent the bone loss through inhibiting osteoclasts. This is a really good and important feature because Tamoxiver helps prevent osteoporosis.

Other kinds of side effects are reported seldom. Sometimes, bodybuilders can suffer from vomiting.

The overdose of this medicine hinders the endogenous testosterone production. At the same time, high dosages can increase estrogen levels instead of blocking estrogenic action. This is a strong reason why bodybuilders should not exceed recommended dosages.

Frankie THE LION 11/24/2017

Tamoxiver in tabs

Did you know? This drugs were used in anti breast cancer research during lab experiments. In our sport gym there poster with such information and so on. Also there xtra giant pal, who used this tabs after course of steroids. He gave me link with info about this drug.

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Vermodje Tamoxiver 25 tabs

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