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Description of Vermodje Proviron-ver 25 tabs

Mesterolone is an androgenic medicine that is manufactured under the trade name Proviron. Androgenic properties of Proviron are pretty weak though. Earlier, the product was widely used in the course of depression treatment.

Proviron is usually prescribed as antiestrogens in stack with other anabolic steroids. Proviron is very similar to some other oral androgens such as Stanozolol or Oxandrolone. It causes almost no damage to the liver because it has no alkyl group in 17-Alpha position. As Proviron is a dihydrotestosterone derivative, this product cannot be considered the best choice for female bodybuilders, because of high probability of virilization side effects.

Proviron does not cause any water retention, which is a very important property for all active sportsmen. The muscle mass gets very hard after the Proviron cycle. This is because the substance is a dihydrotestosterone derivative.

Mesterolone can prevent the estrogen formation. Therefore, it is often prescribed as a preventative medicine in cases when bodybuilders already take other steroid drugs which can aromatize.

This medicine will certainly be a good choice if you are preparing for a competition. The action of Proviron allows to achieve dense and define muscles. Many bodybuilders prefer to use Proviron between their cycles to keep their libido and muscle mass stable.

Proviron is often used in order to reduce some hormonal dysfunctions which can appear after strong anabolic cycles. It cannot boost the natural testosterone production but can be highly useful in such cases as impotency or infertility after heavy anabolic treatment.

Dosage of Vermodje Proviron-ver 25 tabs

An average daily dosage is about 50 mg for male bodybuilders. This amount is usually to be taken twice a day, preferably after taking the meal. The daily dosage can be increased up to 100 mg. To find more detailed information about this product, please, visit our online-store at

It is considered to be a pretty safe preparation, so bodybuilders can take Proviron during several weeks without exposing themselves to any risks of side effects.

For female athletes, an average daily dosage is approximately 25 mg. It is not recommended to exceed this amount of Mesterolone to keep a probability of masculinizing side effects at minimum levels. The duration of the treatment in female bodybuilders should not be longer than 4 weeks.

Side effects of Vermodje Proviron-ver 25 tabs

Sometimes, bodybuilders can report a number of side effects such as:

  • Acne. To avoid this negative action, bodybuilders should keep their skin clean and dry by using some beauty products and taking a shower more often. After intensive workouts, it is recommended to take a shower immediately or at least change your clothes putting on dry and clean ones.
  • Hair loss. To avoid this kind of side effect, it is usually recommended to add inhibitors of 5a-reductase to your cycle. This could be, for example, Finasteride, which prevents dihydrotestosterone from harming your hair follicles. Finasteride is manufactured under trade names of Proscar and Propecia. You can read more detailed information about this medicine and make a purchase at our online-store at
Patrick Clower 07/26/2017

Daily dosage

Which daily dosage is the best to not to damage my health, 50 or 100 mg in a day? I am using 40 mg now but i feel i can increase it to 60 mg. Can somebody give an advice how to use it correctly?

Mike 03/04/2017


please tell me what course of this preparation? I'm taking steroids for 5 weeks and continue for two more?

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Vermodje Proviron-ver 25 tabs

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