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Description of Vermodje Proviron-ver 100 tabs

Proviron-ver is an androgenic medicine featuring actually no anabolic properties. The product is often prescribed even to young male athletes who suffer from the male sex hormone deficiency. Therefore, it is a very popular option among bodybuilders to use this drug at the end of their steroid cycles to stimulate the production of natural testosterone, which may have been reduced by taking certain types of anabolic drugs.

However, this is not the best solution for this purpose because the product just can reduce some dysfunctions caused by the lack of testosterone, but still cannot stimulate the own hormone production within a human body.

This product can be used, for example, in case of impotence or infertility, which are the most popular side effects usually resulting from cancelling an androgenic drug. The androgen deficiency can also be a cause of too low sperm count and its poor quality.

Dosage of Vermodje Proviron-ver 100 tabs

Proviron-ver is often prescribed at the end of a sportsman’s steroid cycle or after cancelling anabolic drugs. This medicine can help to eliminate such undesired conditions as lower sexual interest or even impotency in male bodybuilders.

An average dosage in case of female bodybuilders should be about 25 mg a day. It is not recommended to take Proviron longer than during about 4 weeks to avoid probable masculinizing side effects. This medicine can often be prescribed to be taken during a pre-contest period, because its active substance can efficiently help to enhance a bodybuilder’s muscle density and relief.

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Female bodybuilders who want to try out this medicine in their cycle shouldn’t take more than 25 mg (1 tablet) of Proviron a day. The cycle should last up to 4 weeks maximum. You should remember also that higher dosages or a longer cycle duration can significantly increase the probability of masculinizing side effects. For female athletes, it is considered to be a good solution to use a daily combination of Mesterolone at a dosage of 25 mg and Tamoxifen at a dosage of 20 mg. This stack allows to achieve the desired muscle hardness and intense fat burning.

Side effects of Vermodje Proviron-ver 100 tabs

Actually, bodybuilders report side effects from the Mesterolone cycle rather seldom. Even if some side effects occur, they mostly are weak provided that the medicine is taken at a dosage of 2-3 tablets per day. Therefore, Mesterolone, which is an active substance of Mesterolone, can be taken for several weeks almost without any accompanying risks.

If Proviron is taken at dosages recommended by medical specialists, it shows no toxicity on the liver. However, you should also know that high dosages of this substance can sometimes lead to unexpected results. This could be, for example, sexual overstimulation or prolonged penis erection. These undesired conditions can be painful and cause some damage. In this case, bodybuilders should decrease the dosage of Mesterolone or cancel taking this medicine at all.

For female bodybuilders, the product should be prescribed with caution because of high probability of masculinizing side effects. If you want to make a purchase of this drug, please, visit our online-store at

Stan Lempire 07/27/2017

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A lot of people say there is no useful information in manua on how to use it. So must I ask for adivce from professional bodybuilder on which daily dosage i should use it to not damage my health?

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Vermodje Proviron-ver 100 tabs

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