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Description of Vermodje Clomiver 25 tabs

Vermodje Clomiver 25 tabs could be found at the form of 50 mg pills, which main substance is clomiphene. That type of receptor, effecting on the estrogen, is highly preferred for impregnation purpose, and it is able to stimulate gonadotropin secretion. The Clomiphene chemical substance suppresses negative estrogen effect on gonadotropin output. The result is displayed at the HPG axis increased regulation.

Here are the main advantages of the drug, which will be completely approved while Clomiver administration, all you need is to order the drug on The first major advantage is at drug’s ability to leave the estrogen level unimpaired at the organism, and not tacked to the receptors. These features are somewhat helping to avoid estrogen-like bad effects (non-cancer breast size increase is one of these effects). As the drug is not lessening the estrogen level in the organism, those users, who are predisposed to bad effects, caused by estrogens, are advised to take Letrozole or Anastrozole, as they are the examples of aromatase blockers. These drugs will not only decrease estrogen secretion, but also elevate the user’s own testosterone hormone production.

The next advantage is most significant for athletes, while and after trainings’ period. As the administration of each anabolic steroid is suppressing the body’s testosterone release, the sportsmen need to add drugs with that steroid basis to their course. In addition, the testosterone bouncing back, after the end of appropriate steroid’s cycle, will take time and efforts. The feature, which makes Vermodje Clomiver 25 tabs so popular, is its ability to secret intestinal cell-stimulating hormone, which increases own testosterone secretion by the male testicles. This drug’s function protects user’s health and retains recently achieved (with the help of anabolic steroids), mass.

Dosage of Vermodje Clomiver 25 tabs

This non-steroidal drug is mostly used by men. It is recommended to start Clomiver administration straight away after the steroids’ cycle. The dosage during the course should be about 50 mg a day. The dosage, while undergoing the PCT, is 50-150 mg a day, for 2-3 weeks. However, the dosage and the continuation of Clomiver usage after the course depend on steroids, used during the course. After you have bought Vermodje Clomiver on our site, it will be easy for you to calculate the appropriate dose personally. The maximum daily dose is three pills (150 mg) a day, the usual dose is two pills a day, and one pill-is the lowest proper dose for a day.

Side effects of Vermodje Clomiver 25 tabs

The possible side effects of Clomiver are stomach discomfort, sac appearing, the reparable ovaries’ growth. Depending on the dosage, visual indistinctness could appear. Less possible side effects are sickness with (or) retching, increased or decreased uterine hemorrhage. The least possible side effects are OHSS and reparable boldness. The cases of OHSS are much rarer, comparing to purified FSH administration. The bad effects, appearing, while Clomiver 25 tabs is used for impregnation purpose, should be defined more precisely from the preparation brief.

Morgan 11/22/2017


Clomiphene from Vermodje than is different compared to a similar product from other manufacturers?

APEO 02/09/2017

I'm pleased everything till now

I just received my package. Packaging is intact, delivered quickly. I hope effect of Clomiver will please me the same way

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Vermodje Clomiver 25 tabs

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