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Description of Vermodje Clomiver 100 tabs

Vermodje Clomiver 100 tabs is an oral drug, sold at the form of 50 mg pills, which main substance is clomiphene citrate. That type of receptor, effecting on the estrogen, is highly preferred for impregnation/ovulation stimulating purpose, and it is stimulating the gonadotropin secretion as well. Clomiphene is making harmful estrogen effect, on that hormone’s output, less. The results of both- FSH (by gonadotropic cells), and luteinizing hormone secretion elevation, are displayed at the stimulated production of testosterone. Clomiver is non-steroidal stimulator, beneficial for user’s PCT period, but it is also used during the course, it means, that you can chose the proper time for you to start Clomiver 100 tabs administration, after ordering it on

The drug supports the estrogen level to stay retained at the organism, and prevents its tack to the receptors. These valid features are helping to avoid estrogen-like bad effects to some extent. One of the widespread estrogenic bad effect is the non-cancerous breast size increase. The users, who are aware of the possibility to have problems with those effects, are advised to take Letrozole or Anastrozole as well. These aromatase blockers’ examples will help to avoid estrogen level elevation at the organism, as Clomiver does not make it lower itself.

The next drug’s function to be described, is not only protecting user’s health, but also retaining the mass, which has been recently gained with anabolic steroids’ help. As it has been mentioned before, Vermodje Clomiver 100 tabs is able to secret intestinal cell-stimulating hormone, which increases the endogenous testosterone secretion by men’ testicles. This benefit is extremely useful for athletes, while and after the trainings’ period. The explanation of such an importance leads in sportsmen organism’s need to retrieve its testosterone level by the drugs with testosterone basis addition to the course, as the administration of each anabolic steroid is suppressing the body’s testosterone hormone release.

Dosage of Vermodje Clomiver 100 tabs

The habitual usage of this drug is 100-150mg per day. Its intake usually starts just after the end of a cycle and last for 4-6 weeks. However, Clomiver dosage and the duration of its use after the course, depend on steroids, which were used during the course. It will not be a problem to calculate the appropriate dose personally. You can purchase this medicine on our site - The maximum daily dose is three pills (150 mg) a day and the habitual dose is two pills a day. If taking this anti-estrogen drug exactly during the course, the dosage should be about 50 mg a day. In order to make the PCT more effective, the drug could be combined with Mesterolone or HCG.

Side effects of Vermodje Clomiver 100 tabs

The possible side effects of Clomiver are stomach discomfort, sac appearing, the reparable ovaries’ growth. Depending on the dosage, visual indistinctness could appear.

Less possible side effects are sickness with (or) retching, increased or decreased uterine hemorrhage. The least possible side effects are OHSS and reparable boldness. The cases of OHSS are much rarer, comparing to purified FSH administration. The bad effects, appearing, while Clomiver 100 tabs is used for impregnation purpose, should be defined more precisely from the preparation brief.

Dominic 11/25/2017

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Bought it already. One pack for current pct period and 2nd one for further developing. I know that this tabs are seful for athletes, while and after the trainings period. Maybe somebody know good drugs for combination with it?

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Vermodje Clomiver 100 tabs

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