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Description of Radjay Mesterolone 100 tabs

Mesterolone by Radjay Pharmaceuticals is a synthetic androgen drug for internal use. The product is manufactured under the trade name Proviron. While this medicine does not provide any anabolic action, it is rather popular among sportsmen. Also, it is often administered to young people who have some kind of problems with sex hormone levels.

Bodybuilders take Mesterolone after a course of the steroid treatment in order to boost the testosterone production. Nonetheless, the fact is that Mesterolone does not provide any action on the natural testosterone production. It just can reduce certain problems appearing as a result of the testosterone deficiency. For example, impotence, which is one of the most popular dysfunctions, often occurs after the steroid treatment has been cancelled.

Usually, Radjay Mesterolone is prescribed to be taken together with steroids or after anabolic drugs have been cancelled. The purpose is to reduce steroid-related side effects like sexual dysfunction. If you need it, please, visit our online-store at steromarket.com.

Bodybuilders often opt to add Mesterolone in their complex treatment during pre-contest periods. Most of them believe that Proviron can increase the muscle density and hardness. This effect can occur because of Mesterolone’s ability to reduce water retention and decrease estrogen levels in the blood. However, there are other androgenic drugs, which proved to be more effective for this purpose.

Some bodybuilders who have negative reactions to testosterone or just don’t use this drug in their treatment often take Mesterolone to increase their libido. The libido may be low if bodybuilders don’t use testosterone at all in their treatment or use it in insufficient dosages only.

Dosage of Radjay Mesterolone 100 tabs

A common daily dosage for male sportsmen is about 25-100 mg of Mesterolone. This amount of the product definitely allows them to achieve desired results. For female athletes, a normal daily dosage is 25 mg, and they tend not to exceed this value.

It is preferable to divide your daily dosage into 2 parts and take it twice a day, but it is not mandatory though because of a long active life of the main compound.

If taking 100 mg by male sportsmen does not bring necessary results, the athletes should not exceed the daily dosage. It is preferable to combine or replace Mesterolone, that you can buy at steromarket.com with another drug.

Side effects of Radjay Mesterolone 100 tabs

Taking Mesterolone for too long may cause side effects. However, the fact is that side effects of the drug are less harmful, than those of 17-alpha-alkylated steroids. This is due to the difference in a chemical structure between these medicines, namely because Mesterolone has an alkyl group in the first position rather than in the 17th one.

One of the probable side effects is liver toxicity. It manifests itself by the increase of liver values. But Mesterolone has quite low toxicity even when the drug is taken for a long time.

Along with the liver damage, Mesterolone can produce androgenic-related side effects, for example, acne, hair loss, oily skin.

Sometimes, prostate problems in male bodybuilders or virilization side effects in female athletes can occur.

Godzilla in gym 11/25/2017


Not very cheap but seems to be one of the most effective if you re doing everything right. In addition for real bulking I am using tabs only, because I can chewing it when I want and always keep in pocket for using before training. But I am using it by small portions to avoid side effects. Interesting, from which aspects depends what king of using (tabs or injection) each bodybuilder choosing? I like tabs version.

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Radjay Mesterolone 100 tabs

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