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Description of Radjay Anastrozole 100 tabs

Anastrozole has been released by Radjay company under the trade name of Radjay Anastrozole. Anastrozole is a drug designed for breast cancer treatment. It is approved to be used after surgery and for metastasis curing. Its action is based on inhibiting aromatase, the ferment that transforms man’s testosterone into woman’s estrogen. This way, the Anastrozole inhibits the estrogen synthesis and reduces metastasis in women.

There are researches confirming Anastrozole’s and Tamoxifen’s efficiency in breast cancer treatment. About 10,000 women were involved in the researches. They took both drugs together or separately. Tamoxifen can block only some estrogen actions by binding with receptors. According to the results of 5-year researches, Anastrozole is much more preferable for estrogen inhibition than medicines of the Tamoxifen group.

Other researches stated that patients who switched from Tamoxifen to Anastrozole after breast cancer treatment could reduce their chances for breast cancer recidivation by 40%.

BBC published the data that the use of Anastrozole in post-menopausal women decreases the frequency of breast cancer as compared to a placebo group.

Dosage of Radjay Anastrozole 100 tabs

It is recommended to take 0.5-3mg a day for male athletes. For female athletes, the daily dosage shouldn’t exceed 1mg to avoid estrogen-related side effects. A short half-life of Anastrozole makes it necessary to take the drug up to 6 times a day, at equal time intervals. The course of administration usually lasts for 1-2 weeks and starts with high dosages, then the dosage is decreased gradually. Using 1mg of Anastrozole a day can decrease the estrogen production by more than 80%. For more information visit steromarket.com

Side effects of Radjay Anastrozole 100 tabs

When a person uses anabolic hormonal steroids, certain compounds aromatize into estrogens. All testosterone compounds like Methandienone, Cypionate, Nandrolone, Test Enanthate and others can do it. The growth of estrogen concentration increases the risk of side effects. You should use the aromatase inhibitor to avoid them. Gynecomastia is the most popular side effect. Bodybuilders call it man breasts or gyno. In man’s breast or near the nipple area, the lump may appear that can cause big problems. It should be treated quickly or removed by surgery.

The second important side effect is water retention that makes a sportsman look fat. Except for the bad appearance, water retention can rise the blood pressure, cause both heart problems and loss of energy.

High levels of estrogen can change libido.

Using more aggressive estrogen production inhibitors than Anastrozole can lead to hormone deficit. The lack of estrogen can cause erectile dysfunction, depression, loss of energy and poor libido.

Being an aromatase inhibitor, Anastrozole is more effective than Tamoxifen, which is a selective estrogen receptor modulator, because it prevents hormone production. Using Tamoxifen medicines don’t lower the levels of estrogen in your blood. Buy Anastrozole at steromarket.com

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Radjay Anastrozole 100 tabs

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