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Active substance Tamoxifen
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Description of Balkan Tamoximed 60 tabs (pack)

Tamoximed, a product manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, acts as an antagonist of estrogen receptors, in particular in breast tissues. However, in such tissue as, for example, endometrium it exhibits agonistic properties. Therefore, Balkan Tamoximed 60 tabs can be classified as a mixed agonist and antagonist product.

The formulation is widely used as a part of breast cancer treatment. It is also considered to be a standard method of treatment in women who are in their post-menopausal period.

Tamoximed can effectively exhibit its positive properties because of competitive antagonism, which allows to block breast cancer cells growth.

Tamoxifen, being an anti-estrogenic drug, helps patients to avoid such undesired effect as estrogen-related gynecomastia, which is usually regarded to be a result of high estrogen levels. Along with that, you can take small doses of this medicine as preventative measure.

There are some other drugs of similar action on the market that can be used for the same purposes as Clomiphene Citrate. Sometimes, Balkan Tamoximed is used to achieve treatment or prevention of gynecomastia in sex offenders who undergo a temporary kind of the chemical castration.

Balkan Balkan Tamoximed 60 tabs is also widely used by bodybuilders during their anabolic steroid cycle and during the recovery therapy.

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Dosage of Balkan Tamoximed

This Balkan product is manufactured in a tablet form. Each tablet contains 20 mg of the active substance.

Usually, the preparation is taken only once a day, preferably before or after the meal. It is generally recommended to take this drug at the same time during the day.

An average dosage of Balkan Tamoximed is 20 mg, or 1 tablet, daily, but it can be adjusted, for example, according to your doctor’s recommendations.

It is usually recommended to divide the daily dosage into two parts, when the total daily amount to be taken is higher than 20 mg. These two parts should be taken in the morning and in the evening, respectively. Bodybuilders should avoid taking the two semi-doses at once.

Interested sportsmen should not exceed recommended dosages.

The duration of the Tamoximed treatment can usually be pretty long. Some people even say they take this medicine for several years.

Side effects of Balkan Tamoximed 60 tabs

This medicine is not recommended to be taken by the following patient categories:

  • pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers;
  • persons who exhibit idiosyncrasy to any of Tamoximed’s components;
  • sportsmen with some thromboembolic problems.

In rare cases, some bodybuilders can report such insignificant side effects as headache, bone pain, nausea, hot flashes, skin problems, vomiting or increased cholesterol levels.

All product users should remember that Tamoximed causes no damage to the liver.

Some other undesired reactions can occur as well. However, if you are concerned about some uncommon manifestations, you should immediately report the problem to your doctor.

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Balkan Tamoximed 60 tabs

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