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Description of Balkan Provimed 60 tabs

Balkan Provimed 60 tabs is also known as Proviron and Proviroxyl. Its active substance is Mesterolone. Provimed is a synthetic steroid, which is very effective in the tablets’ form. Provimed is usually used during or after the steroids’ intake, in order to protect the user from the probable sexual activity decline or the impotency. The usage of Provimed at that period would not support to save the power and muscular mass, which were gained during the steroid cycle. This steroid does not serves to this purpose. For their maintenance, Clomed and HCG would suit more. They are as well available on our site,

It is important to remember, that Provimed is considered an antagonist of estrogen, in other words- it shuts down the possibility of steroids to aromatize. It would be shown most at the pre-championships’ trainings, when the proper diet is kept. The female Provimed users, when adding the drug to the steroids’ intake, usually achieve the higher muscular density. Women are having high estrogen index in their organism and they appreciate the Provimed effect. Earlier, they used to take one pill (25 mg) daily, sometimes for months, to look slander. This effect is quite useful, when taking part at the exhibitions and video shoot. Nowadays, the Clenbuterol intake during the whole year is more popular, as it has none masculinization effects, comparing to Provimed.

The common male dosage of Balkan Provimed for athletes per day is 50 mg. It is better to divide the daily intake into one 25 mg pill in the beginning of the day, and the second pill- in the evening. As the effect of the steroid has to be saved for the whole day, dividing the dosage into two intakes is not necessary, though it is quite practical (taking into consideration the compound’ active functioning time).

Dosage of Balkan Provimed

Concerning the male users, the best results are achieved when taking daily 25-100mg of Provimed. Sometimes, one 25mg pill could be sufficient for the best results. Combining Provimed (50 mg/day) +Tamoxifen (20 mg/day) would lead to nearly total estrogen inhibition. Nevertheless, it is important to understand, that the proper formation of the musculature is impossible without the help of estrogen. When the secretion of estrogen is shut down, the muscle gains would be lesser. The beneficial work of the steroids is possible, when the balance is saved, so, the estrogen index could be lessen by the user only when this change causes no harm and gives the positive results. In case, when the expected results are not achieved, it is no use in increasing the dosage much significantly, than 100 mg daily. It would be better to change the components of the stack, or to choose the other suitable variant, in order to get the desired effects. In any case, the great variety of the most efficient drugs are represented on

Female users’ recommended daily dosage is 25 mg, however the higher doses are used as well.

Side Effects of Balkan Provimed

It should be mentioned, that the appropriate way of administration reduces any side effects’ appearance. The possible bad effect are strong increase of male sex drive, abrupt mood and behavior changes like aggressiveness and depression. In women, probable, caused by androgen, effects are voice deepening, clitoris size increase, changes at the menstrual periods and skin texture. In men, androgenic effects are increased skin fat secretion, pimples, growth of hair on the face and body, hair loss (in those, who are predisposed to it).

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Balkan Provimed 60 tabs

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