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Description of Balkan Provimed 20 tabs

Balkan Provimed 20 tabs is also known as Proviron, Proviroxyl. The synthetic steroid is the methyl-dihydrotestosterone’s (1-methylated DHT) oral form, which is available on our site, Its active substance is Mesterolone. Actually, the common testosterone is 3-4 times less efficient, than this powerful androgen. It is having none anabolic features as well as none turning into estrogen tendency.

For the medical purpose, Provimed is usually prescribed for the teenagers. The purpose is the treatment or easement of the disturbances, caused by male sex hormones’ deficit. Very often, when the steroids administration ends, the athletes take Provimed for the decreased testosterone secretion elevation. But this steroid doesn’t act this way. Provimed helps with the disturbances, which are appearing because of the testosterone’s deficit. It deals with their treatment or reduction, not with the body’s testosterone secretion.

That is the reason, why Provimed is used during or after the steroids’ intake- to protect the user from the probable sexual activity decline or the impotency. The usage of Provimed at that period would not support the power and muscular mass saving, gained during the steroid cycle. For their maintenance, Clomed and HCG suit more. Provimed is an antagonist of estrogen; it shuts down the possibility of steroids to aromatize.

Dosage of Balkan Provimed

The common dosage of Balkan Provimed per day is 50 mg, though some of the users take the increased dose of 100-250 mg daily. Athletes divide the daily intake into one 25 mg pill in the beginning of the day, and the second pill- in the evening. Sometimes, one 25mg pill could be sufficient for the best results. Combining Provimed (50 mg/day) +Tamoxifen (20 mg/day) would lead to nearly total estrogen inhibition. Nevertheless, the proper muscular formation is impossible without the help of estrogen. The estrogen index could be lessen by the user only when this change causes no harm and gives the positive results.

Though, the steroid is mostly used for the anti-estrogen purpose, Mesterolone is able to stimulate the muscle growth, when the dosage is from 50 to 100 mg a day. The combination, build up with testosterone, are surely the best. The thing is in the elevated testosterone index, which brings the user the high quality of the lean muscular growth. Provimed is as well used with Boldenone undecanoate, Methandienone (Methandrostenolone), and Nandrolone. These stacks are decreasing the effects, caused by estrogen.

The combination for a cutting period is Provimed +Boldenone. At this training period, Deca (mostly together with Stanozolol) are sometimes added to the stack. Taking Provimed together with Nandrolone will redound to user’s advantage, as Nandrolone temporally lowers the sex drive. The drugs, which would suit your stack, are as well available on our site,

Side effects of Balkan Provimed 20 tabs

In occasions, when the steroid is used for more, than 10 or 12 weeks, the size of the user’s liver could be a bit enlarged, but Provimed usually does not affect the liver functioning. Concerning precisely the male users, who are taking 2 or 3 pills of Provimed, the possible bad effects are minimal. It means that the several-weeks’ intake of this drug, during the cycle of steroid, is almost harmless. The DHT administration is able to elevate the blood pressure. The increased dosages could result in premature hair loss and excessive sexual stimulation. In this case, (as it could lead to the hurtful durable erections), it is better to take the doses lower or to stop the steroid usage to prevent the possible injuries.

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Balkan Provimed 20 tabs

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