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Description of Canada Peptides Melanotan 2 (МТ-2) 10mg

Among the variety of the peptides on, Canada Peptides Melanotan-2 (MT-2) 10mg, present itself as a synthetic melanocortin peptide hormone. Arizona’s scientists have created Melanotan2 basis, as the example of stronger preparation for skin tanning without harmful UV rays. As the researches have shown, creation of protective dark pigmentation will help avoiding melanoma formations. Melanotan2 supports skin tanning with the help of melanin production. As melanogenesis (melanin pigment secretion) is caused by α-MSH hormone, the progenitors of Melanotan2 were melanocyte-stimulating hormones. In contrast to α-MSH, which half-life period is not long, specially created Melanotan2 is showing prolonged expected results in its power and stability. Nowadays, the drug is often used for tan production, but it has all the prerequisites in future to be recommended for the obviation of skin cancer formation possibilities. More advantages of the drug are for example, its functioning for sex drive elevation, together with both male and female sexual productivity growing. That peptide shots could help to work off the excess weight, as they are lessen the appetite.

Dosage of Canada Peptides Melanotan 2 (МТ-2) 10mg

The preferred Melanotan-2 dose for one day is count at the proportion 10 mcg of the peptide/one kilo user’s weight. That means, if the user weights 90 kilos, the amount of the daily injection has to be 900 mcg of Melanotan-2. Each vial (10 mg) of the peptide has to be mixed with sterile water (2 ml) to get the ready-for-use injections. The results are requiring time and patience, as they will be step-by-step shown after one-three weeks from the start of Melanotan2 taking. The shots have to be made each day, until the needed results will be achieved. If the user will in addition moderately take sunbathes (or go to solarium) 3 times per week, the effect will appear much quicker. As soon as the needed tan shade will be shown, for its saving, the amount of injections per week should be lessen to only 1 or 2. The pleasant feature of Melanotan 2 is that, if you are spending lots of time in the solarium or exposing to the sun, while administrating the drug, the darker tanning will be achieved. The reason is in the drug’s melanin secretion stimulation, which will help to get darker skin without sunburns and painfully red first tannings. High effects cannot be promised when leaving out going to solarium or to the places, where people are taking sunbathes, as Melanotan 2 is showing skin browning only under the influence of UV-rays.

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Side effects of Canada Peptides Melanotan 2 (МТ-2) 10mg

For bad effects’ avoiding, first the quarter of the peptide, calculated for your weight, dosage should be injected. Then, little by little, elevate it to the future usual dosage. The overdose is dangerous for your health, it is important to follow the recommended amount of the peptide. Possible side effects are: headaches, sickness and vertigoes, but those effects are temporary and are not followed with the additional problems. The drug has some contraindications: childbearing, breast-feeding, user’s tendency to cancer tumor formations.

Diego87 02/07/2017


I have fair skin with freckles. What dose of this should I take to start?

davidS 02/07/2017

Good melanotan. But may cause sun spots, be careful with dosage

My friend had sunspots after a course of this drug. I'd ordered Melanotan here, and after three weeks of use, everything is normal! But perhaps my familiar exceeded the recommended dosage, i don't know

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Canada Peptides Melanotan 2 (МТ-2) 10mg

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