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Description of Canada Peptides Ipamorelin

Canada Peptides Ipamorelin (available on is the newest peptide’s development, which supports growth hormone secretion. It is a continuous and long peptide chain hormone, which successfully accumulates growth hormone in the organism. The composition and amino acid succession leads to GH rapid stimulation. It could be also achieved by taking other (for example GHRP-6, GHRP-2), growth hormone releasing peptides. While Ipamorelin is suppressing the somatostatin action, its results are successful. Nevertheless, it could become even more efficient, when combining the drug together with, for example, GHRP-2/CJC-1295/GHRP-6. Ipamorelin is known to be a mild steroid, as, while its administration, cortisol and prolactin indexes will not change. Nowadays, due to its GH secretion stimulation in the specific, selective way, described above drug has become the most popular peptide among other, acting in the close to it way. The drug elevates the testosterone secretion, and this way, its anabolic features in the organism are becoming even more powerful. Ipamorelin supports the power and musculature mass gaining, productivity, helps in fat deposits burning, improves immunity, has the liver protecting effect, improves the quality of sleeping, prevent inflammation appearance. The drug supports the regeneration processes, improves the skin and hair condition. It is also having the anti-aging effect and it is providing the user with the burst of energy and vital force.

Here are some more Ipamorelin administration advantages: visibly improved musculature relief quality and firmness. The drug is making the bones stronger, it supports the ligament and joints’ recovery. Users are having minimum wrinkles.

Dosage of Canada Peptides Ipamorelin

The recommended dose is set up in proportion 1-2 g. to one kilo of the user’s weight. The shots are made into the muscle, 2 or 3 times a day. The first shot-in the beginning of the day, when you have just woken up; the second- half an hour before/after the trainings and the third- before going to sleep in the evening. If taking the dosage higher, than it is allowed, the anabolic effect could even become less. To lighten your worries considering the dosage, you can ask your question to our managers, after ordering Ipamorelin on

Some other growth hormone stimulating preparations, after mixing them with Ipamorelin, will bring the great increase of the results. The best choice of the additional helper is the CJC 1295. This way of compounding has been used by huge amount of athletes all over the world and the result of it, among the bodybuilders, is the combination becoming the gold standard.

Side effects of Canada Peptides Ipamorelin

The bad effects of the drug are known to be not harmful, as the usual are headaches and vertigoes. The possibility of those effects happening is minimal. Comparing to the advantages of the peptide, the disadvantages are slight. It could also be mentioned, that the bad effects of Ipamorelin are much harmless, than those, which the peptides with similar action (GHRP-6 for example), are causing.

Clive 01/16/2018


I like it more than other such drugs from group. Not for photoshop look, just for myself, for result. Usually I am used it in proportion not more than 1 g to one kilo of the my weight dosage, twice during day. I am pretty sure that its working, especially for me.

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Canada Peptides Ipamorelin

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