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Description of Canada Peptides HGH 176-191 frag (5mg.)

Less than tenth part of the molecule chain (where amino acids 176 to 191 are found), are influenced by growth hormone for the fat reduction. Canada Peptides HGH fragment 176-191 (which could be ordered on includes that piece of a chain. The drug is very effective at body fat burning, even at the most challenging areas (stomach area for example). Comparing with the pure GH, the effect of that drug is up to 12.5times higher. HGH Fragment supports lipolytic functioning and makes lipid profiles’ better. With its help, fat acids’ building will be inhibited. You will not have a problem with weight cycling, as the fat amount will not come back to what you had had at the beginning.

The list of other HGH Fragment advantages:

  • The production of insulin-like growth factor 1 will be faster, as a result, there will be the whole body repair together with musculature strength and gaining. The anabolic effect is really high.
  • The drug increases the speed of metabolism and energy making.
  • HGH Fragment does not affect cell growth (hypergenesis authorities)
  • The drug doesn’t change insulin and blood glucose index
  • As IGH-1 level in blood is getting higher, the condition of hair and skin is getting better, the process of aging is visibly retarded.
  • With the help of HGH Fragment, bones are being more fortified.
  • In other words- HGH Fragment is a drug with high efficiency, when it goes to fat reduction. It has no bad effects and additional opposite effects.

Dosage of Canada Peptides HGH 176-191 frag (5mg.)

If the weight of the user is not higher, than 95 kilos, the best dose for taking Canada Peptides HGH 176-191 frag. (available on will be 1000 mcg, separated into three administrations, with the necessity of making 6 hours’ pause between them. The first injection(about 300mcg) should be made at the beginning of the day-after getting up of the bed, but not later, than one hour before eating the first meal of the day. The second injection (about 300 mcg), should be made half an hour before workout or being physically active (if there are no trainings at that day-the second shot should be made one hour before eating lunch). The third injection (400 mcg), should be made before going to bed at night.

The best way of taking the drug is making the shots for two-three months before the pause, which is necessary. The highest allowed day dosage is no more, than 2,000 mcg, separated into from three to five shots. HGH fragment by itself if very effective, mixing it with some other peptides will give you a good result as well. Here is a couple of possible combinations: HGH Fragment+ CJC-1295 DAC/CJC-1295 results not only fat burning, but also the musculature mass growing; HGH Fragment+ Ipamorelin will support recently received musculature mass gaining.

Side effects of Canada Peptides HGH 176-191 frag (5mg.)

Considering the fact, that the drug is not similar to the growth hormone, it has no bad effects. Sportsmen like that drug much and, it has been mentioned, that results of its work are visible on the 2nd week of trainings. Making the injections just before the workout, is giving better results, than making them before food ingestion. HGH Frag 176-191 could be called the mildest fat-reducing drug, with the highest efficiency, used by athletes.

Alan 01/16/2018


So, I am definetely gain more that expected.

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Canada Peptides HGH 176-191 frag (5mg.)

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