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Description of Canada Peptides Gonadorelin

If you are looking for high efficiency of musculature force and mass gaining, but do not prefer anabolics, Gonadorelin (GnRH) will be a suitable variant for you. The main components of Canada Peptides Gonadorelin (you can buy it on are endogenous and plain testosterone, so, side effects of the drug are minimal, comparing to other similar drugs. Gonadotropin releasing hormone is also called luteinizing hormone releasing hormone or luliberin. That peptide hormone supports the secretion of FSH and LH out of the adenohypophysis. Forasmuch as the peptide is of a gonadotropin releasing hormone type, it is needed to be mentioned, that exactly in year 1977, the GnRH was produced for the first time. That discovery ran Roger Gullemin and Andrew V. Schally to “the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine”. For the reason, that the exact nerve cells are producing Gonadotropin releasing hormone, it is called “a neuro-hormone”. The center of GnRH secretion, where most of neutrons’ negatory Gonadorelin are situated, is the hypothalamus’s POA (preoptic area).

Though, there are no dangerous effects of Gonadorelin (even when the dose is really high), you need to read the list of contraindications. In addition, should be mentioned, that the sphere of user’s sexual activity will be totally stabilized. The period of kickbacks, as well as the time, needed for recovery, will be shorter. Another, often used function of the drug is its ability to support testosterone’s secretion after the end of some anabolic steroids’ taking, as that hormone is natural. Gonadorelin elevates testosterone production. If not taking anabolic steroids, which are crushing the production of Gonadorelin, it is usually developing by the organism in the form of pulsation, 1 or 2 times in hour. The interest in this drug is getting higher, because its usage during the period of post-cycle therapy is giving the best results, which are expected by sportsmen.

Dosage of Canada Peptides Gonadorelin

It is recommended to take Canada Peptides Gonadorelin (which could be ordered on, in a periodic graph, where the pause between administrations is 2-3 hours. The proper dosage will be 100-200 micrograms (in proportion 1-2mg\1kg user body weight). The steroid need to be used (before the break), no longer, than for 4-6 weeks. For each athlete it is necessary to count the proper personal drug amount for Gonadorelin buying. The best price of it you will find in our online store!

Side effects of Canada Peptides Gonadorelin

The occasions of side effects, happening while taking that drug, are very rare, but there is a list of them. Bad effects, that are possible to appear, are: sickness, stomachaches, the injection spot could turn red, headaches. If women are taking the drug, they could suffer from feeling themselves not well while menstruation period.

The rarest bad effects are: ovaries’ edema, diarrheal disease, emesis, the overall condition could be getting worse, hypersensitive reaction of type I. Rarely, men could confront with the durable painful erection (priapism).

Tes 11/29/2017


Hi Merelin.I am looked for something like that because I dont like risks. What kind of drugs did you bought before? I have doubts now also about this one, but I will buy it and try in low dosage then I will increase dosage limit and so on.

Merelin 02/09/2017

what about women athletes

This drug is approved for women, in contrast to anabolic steroids. Is it so?

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Canada Peptides Gonadorelin

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