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Description of Canada Peptides GHRP-6

Canada Peptides GHRP-6 (you can buy it on, is one of the growth hormone releasing peptides. Those injections are preferably made for GH secretion, they elevates the IGH-1 index as well. As a result, body fat is disappearing faster and it is possible to support musculature strengthening. Mostly, GHRP is used instead of GH, it is practically not mixed with GH. There is no use to take the peptide together with Hexarelin, GHRP-2 or Ipamorelin, as they also elevate the GH level, in other words- show the similar results concerning GH. The side effect in a form of hunger is making GHRP-6 more popular, than other GHRP’s, as users usually appreciate it. More advantages of the drug are the inflammation lessen (especially the tendon’s) and its healing trauma’s capacity. The majority of those, who have chosen GHRP-6, instead of close to it GH, pick it, when the GHRP-6 price is lower, it is not possible to buy GH, or when the athlete wants not just to inject GH, but to stimulate its secretion. GHRP-6 improves skin surface condition, in addition, mixing it with anabolic steroids, increase musculature gain. It is not necessary to put GHRP within the cycle bounds, so, GHRP-6 may be taken any time due to application instructions. Anyway, it is recommended to take dose, which is the minimal end of the proper dosage limit, if the administration of the drug is permanent (it is also used for steroid cycle strengthening or for the period of fat burning). It should be mentioned, that, while mixing GHRP-6 with GHRH, you will approximately need one third or the half of the GHRP-6 usual dose, to get the same GH results as without GHRH adding. GHRP(CJC-1295 without DAC most of all), is also taken as the additional help to GHRH, though the high efficiency won’t change much.

Dosage of Canada Peptides GHRP-6

Use the drug in the morning before, or after the trainings (first shot), and the second shot- before going to sleep. One shot contains 200mcg, there are 25 injections of that amount in 1 vial. You can choose one of those injection ways: under the skin (most popular way), into the muscle or into the vein.

The volumes of preferable injections:

  • bac water(1ml)+200mcg will give you 0.04ml (or four Insulin injector partitions)
  • bac water (2ml)+200mcg will give you 0.08ml (or eight partitions)
  • bac water (3ml)+200mcg will give you 0.12ml (or twelve partitions)

Those, who are only beginning, should use Canada Peptides GHRP-6(available on, one time a day; who are continuing- two times a day, and the experienced users take it three times a day. One of the mixture examples- take 2mg CJC-1295 vial reduced+ special water(2mls) and you will get 2000mcgs in one milliliter = every 10 slin pin partition= 100mcgs.

Side Effects of Canada Peptides GHRP-6

Most side effects of the drug are those, which elevated HGH causes: strong hunger, headaches, similar to flu feelings, joints’ hurting, carpal tunnel syndrome, hydrops and abdominal swelling. Rarely athletes suffer from breast size increasing, pain in the bones, sensory diminution, sickness, skin prickingnumbness, and vertigo occasions.

Martin 02/08/2017


Good price, but not only. The main advantage of peptides - they are not prohibited by law in any country, including Spain where I live in. So I preferred GHRP-6 to anabolics. Therefore, I recommend it.

Test one click d 07/08/2016


Absolutely great peptides

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Canada Peptides GHRP-6

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