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Description of Canada Peptides CJC-1295

Canada Peptides CJC-1295(you can buy it on is well-known for its longer, than Sermorelin’s, functioning. It effects hypophysis and helps growth hormone secretion by pulsation. After the hypodermic injection, DAC features in the CJC-1295 get ready for the covalent link with different spreading albumin kinds. In addition, there is much weighty reason for the half-life to become longer up to several days (instead of one or two minutes). The CJC-1295 jet group connects with the peptide through the way of bioconjugation, which leads to even stronger connection of the elements in the blood.

Dosage of Canada Peptides CJC-1295

The recommended dosage of CJC-1295 has no medical confirmation, as the researches of the peptide are not finished yet. Nevertheless, some firms have composed protocols for the use of these peptides. During the researches of different dosages, it had been asserted, that it takes minimal 6 days amount of time for the growth Hormone index to boom to 10 times. It took from 9 to 11 days for the IGF-1 index to rise threefold. The so-called “saturation dose” is reached by 100mcg dose already. After you have taken the 100mcg dosage, the next injections will give maximally half of the desired effect. Though, after the saturation’s period dose, it is allowed to take a little additional part of it. Do not forget, that the highest results will be shown not rapidly, but after some time passes. The drug has no androgenic effects that is why the dosage for men and women is similar.

The pack of Canada Peptides CJS- 1295(which you can find on produced in containers filled with 2mg of lyophilized powder. The proper proportions of one 100mcg containing injection are: 2ml of water to 2mg of powder. For the recovery with the powder, it is important for your health to take only bacteriostatic water. The injections are made under the skin or into the muscle, 15-30 minutes before food ingestion and with the empty stomach. The storage in the fridge is an import condition for the ready drug to stay effective. For the musculature mass and fat burning, not only multiple doses with minimal diurnal 3-hours-rest after each dose, should be taken, but also it is necessary to stick to a diet. It should be mentioned, that for the synergetic achievement it is useful to combine any GHRH with GHRP (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide).

Side Effects of Canada Peptides CJC-1295

As CJC-1295 peptide is not considered to be called “a steroid”, the side effects are very rare. Those, who are taking the increased dose complained, that they had occasions of detailed night dreams, which action took long time; the numbness of hands, joints’ poignant pain. In the occasion, when not enough carbohydrates are imported into the organism the occurrence of fragility could take place.

While the index of growth hormone will be much elevated, appears the possibility of acromegaly. That rare disease cause the secretion of growth hormone at the time, when the bone structure and the inner organs had already stopped developing. The results of it usually are: skin nodosity, voice deepening, jaws’ size increasing, the speech is getting blurry. Another bad effect could appear in the attenuation of the visceral organs (heart for example) musculature. Nevertheless, acromegaly is the rarest bad effect of that drug and the rest of the effects are minimal.

James 02/07/2017

increase in growth hormone!

I bought here CJC-1295 and passed test for growth hormone after week of use. As a result good increase of growth hormone, waiting for such significant sport achievements. Thx a lot

Leo 02/06/2017


Which anabolic should be combined with CJC-1295 for intensive muscle growth?

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Canada Peptides CJC-1295

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