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Description of Zhengzhou Fluoxymesterone 10mg 50 tabs

Fluoxymesterone as the strongest steroid is used, generally, for rising of strength indicators, muscular density, and energy, without body lump augmentation.

Taking into account specific activity, Halotestin it is applied more often by strength athletes who don’t need rising of weight category, and also in the isolation ward and other combative sports.

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Fluoxymesterone is close on a structure to methyltestosterone but is five times stronger.

The steroid has the expressed anabolic effect which dominates over androgenic properties. Halotestin is capable of blocking estrogen and prolactin receptors, excluded a risk of development of a gynecomastia and fat adjournment on female type.

The remedy stimulates an active secretion of erythrocytes and hemoglobin. The bigger quantity of red blood cells transports oxygen to cells more effectively, blood oxygenates, leading to magnificent increasing of aggression and endurance.

As the steroid increases performance, strength athletes choose Fluoxymesterone very first among others for training at the last stage of preparation for competitions.

The drug, besides, helps an organism to be recovered quickly after a stress load, muscular injuries.

The remedy improves a muscular density and expressiveness and this is an attractive property for bodybuilders. The remedy does muscles elastic and firm.

Bodybuilding fans get Fluoxymesterone to receive tight beautiful muscles. Halotestin also perfectly «dries» a body, reducing fatty deposits, thereby promoting construction of a dry relief body without ugly inflation.

Dosage of Zhengzhou Fluoxymesterone 10mg 50 tabs

Athletes buy Fluoxymesterone if seek for receiving qualitative muscles and an exclusive fast gain of a strength efficiency.

The optimum term which won’t lead to undesirable collateral reactions fluctuates from 4 to 6 weeks. Prolonged use Halotestin (more than 6 weeks) can negatively affect the sexual function.

Fans prefer a dosage of 20 mg a day, and professional athletes – 40.

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Side effects of Zhengzhou Fluoxymesterone 10mg 50 tabs

Though Fluoxymesterone perfectly works for the force and stamina achievement, it is quickly revealed in urine even in 2 months after the last taken pill.

The course over 4 weeks provokes an emergence of the toxicity highest degree for a liver with a risk of development of cancer.

Also, other «sides» are possible:

  • The acne.
  • Gastrointestinal spasms (pains).
  • Decrease in synthesis of own testosterone.

If on a steroid cycle scleras, skin and mucous membranes began to be painted in a yellow color. These changes indicate a begun of a strong liver pathology. A color of urine, dark as black beer, and the discolored feces confirm that serious injuries of a liver promptly develop.

This steroid isn’t intended for women as unpleasant manifestations of a virilization are very possible and the risk of irreversible masculinization is also very high.

Stuart 11/21/2017

What country is the producer?

I think I'll try to drink stanozolol from this company, I choose while between them and gold dragon. I understand this is a Chinese manufacturer? Friends say side effects were not, in general, all are satisfied and the prices they have more than adequate.

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Zhengzhou Fluoxymesterone 10mg 50 tabs

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