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Description of Zhengzhou Fluoxymesterone 10mg 25 tabs

Fluoxymesterone which is often called by Halo shows the most powerful androgenic and rather low anabolic activity. You can buy this steroid at steromarket.com

Most often Halotestin is used for magnification of muscle density, aggression, strength and endurance indicators without excessive gain of muscle bulk.

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It is the hormone which is the strongest in the plan of anabolism and androgyny. Halotestin anabolic influence is 19 times higher than at testosterone, androgenic influence – 8,5.

Fluoxymesterone Actions:

  • The increase in aggression.
  • The magnification of hardness and relief of muscles.
  • Hemoglobin synthesis stimulation (an increment in endurance). Fluoxymesterone taking promotes increasing in oxygen mass of blood. The organism develops the bigger quantity of erythrocytes; the bigger amount of oxygen arrives at muscles.
  • Reduction of fatty deposits.

Halo will increase the force with a speed not comparable with the majority of steroids. But, because of high liver toxicity, athletes do not use it longer 4 weeks.

However, use of Fluoxymesterone actually increases the aggression necessary for the athlete for an opportunity to pass all difficulties of final training and to reach that maximum «exhaust» which is necessary to him and which he couldn’t reach only on rigid diets without Halo.

Dosage of Zhengzhou Fluoxymesterone 10mg 25 tabs

A long cycle is a rarity. Often the remedy is applied «pointwise», just before a contest. The optimum daily dosage is 10 mg, boundary – 20.

But before a bodybuilding or powerlifting competition Halo works more actively if use 2 doses short time.

Even 10 mg provide big changes, having increased density of muscles and force. The dose of 20 mg will help the athlete «to burn» a fat surplus before a contest even if he has a dry constitution.

40 mg a day are the limit if the athlete worries about the safety and sexual function, especially as 40 mg don’t provide an expected result, however considerably raise hepatotoxicity.

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Side effects of Zhengzhou Fluoxymesterone 10mg 25 tabs

The most part of negative effects, such as spots, a hair loss, are characteristic of steroids. But their emergence depends on specific features of the user, dosages, and duration of application. Besides, as Fluoxymesterone is recommended for application during the short time periods (4 or even 2 weeks), as a rule, the possibility of negative manifestations is very small.

Side effects at a more prolonged use are a prostate adenoma, arising in the probability of development of cancer, the expressed libido suppression. The steroid is also very toxic to a liver (active processes of degradation of cells of a liver come to light on a cycle).

Such of side effects which are connected with steroids (a gynecomastia, a water delay) aren’t found and an aromatization is absent in general.

Adam 07/17/2017


I'm preparing for competitions, my friends at the gym advised me to take this Chinese drug for relief and hardness of the muscles. Want to look as showily as possible. This drug will help?

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Zhengzhou Fluoxymesterone 10mg 25 tabs

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