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Description of Vermodje Turinover 25 tabs

The active substance of Vermodje Turinover 25 tabs is 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (10mg). This steroid, at the form of tablets, is having almost none androgenic features and, at the same time, its anabolic features are outstanding, what makes the drug high demanded. The beneficial feature of Turinover is in none hydrops appearing, in contrast to methandrostenolone steroid, which effects are analogous to Turinover. Other estrogenic bad effects are also not displayed, due to the fact that the drug does not aromatize at all. Whether you are going to order on, a steroid for a cutting cycle, or whether for the size gaining cycle, Turinover will be suitable for both of these purposes.

As the oral steroids are much faster beginning their action, than the injectable one, Turinover is best to be used for the rapid beginning of a cycle. While Turinover administration, the desired effects will be achieved really soon. In addition, the list of the drug’s benefits includes its ability to mix successfully with almost all other components. It is also making the user sex hormone binding globulin index less, that results in other components’ (for example Testosterone) productivity increase.

Dosage of Vermodje Turinover 25 tabs

The usual daily dose of Vermodje Turinover 25 tabs is from 20 to 40mg. This multipurpose drug is also quite helpful at the time, when one cycle is already finished and the new one is going to be started. In this case, it is recommended to take only 10 or 15mg per day. This small dose will protect not only the sportsmen’ health, but also the previously achieved results’ safety. Luckily, you are always able to find this beneficial drug on our site,

For female athletes the daily dosage of this steroid is 5 mg. Turinover main component (Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) could be extremely harmful to the user’s liver. This is the reason, why the cycle should take no longer, than eight weeks. Taking the dose higher, than it is allowed, is dangerous for the user’s health.

Side effects of Vermodje Turinover 25 tabs

The most possible, caused by androgens, bad effects of Turinover are problems with skin fat secretion, which leads to pimples appearance; increase of hair amount on the face and the body; cases of BPH. The male users, who are predisposed to boldness, could face this problem. The masculinization symptoms could be developed in female users, if increasing the maximal daily dose (10 mg).

Being an anabolic steroid, Turinover is able to make the secretion of the user’s endogenous Testosterone slower, or even to stop it. Though, the drug is known for the least androgen caused bad effects (among the anabolics), these effects could still show up, when the user is taking a complete course. Testosterone secretion supporting drugs, (HCG plus/or Tamoxifen, for example) are obligatory for an intake on the PCT for about 4-6 weeks. It is important to understand, that each cycle of anabolic steroids ought to end up with the beginning of PCT. If missing this therapy, the harmful impact on the HPTA could be unchangeable, resulting in permanently low Testosterone level. In the case, when not fixing this problem on time, the TRT will be necessary.

Patrick Norman 09/23/2017

how to properly organize the training process, diet and dosage

Can these pills help to increase muscle if I exercise in the gym for 2 hours a day and 3 times a week? If this load is small, tell me how to properly organize the training process, diet and dosage of this drug?

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Vermodje Turinover 25 tabs

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