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Powerful turinabol inside (derivative of Methandienone)

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Description of Vermodje Turinover 100 tabs

Vermodje Turinover 100 tabs is supporting the user’s power and speed increase together with a bit of qualitative muscular mass elevation. Turinover has no tendency for aromatization, so it causes absolutely no hydrops, fat amount increase, mood changes, gynecomastia occasions. The drug is not very popular among the bodybuilder’s, as the weight, gradually gained during the course, will not be huge. At the beginning of sixties, when the drug was created, this steroid was used as the main dope for a huge number of Germans, who were completed in the Olympic Games. The purpose of this clandestine intake was to be on top of each Olympic discipline. At early 60th, the drug was known to be the first among the anabolic-androgenic steroids, which functions were divided into androgenic and anabolic. Though, Turinover’s main goal is the period of cutting, you are able to use it for the musculature building, after making the order on

The drug is also beneficial at making the sex hormone binding-globulin index lower. This hormone connects with testosterone and different steroids, which are getting into the blood, thus interfering the steroid’s muscle growth stimulation. It is quite preferable for the SHBG to connect with Turinover, this way, other more serious steroids, with mass gaining effect, will be able to work without almost any hindrance. This effect will not be present, if Turinover is used without stronger steroid, or when this additional steroid is not able to connect with the SHBG. In other words, for the best results of Turinover intake, the user should find the combination, which will fit the SHBG features as well.

Dosage of Vermodje Turinover 100 tabs

The usual daily dose of Vermodje Turinover 100 tabs is from 40 to 60mg. Turinover could be harmful to the user’s liver. This is the reason, why the cycle should take no longer, than 8-10 weeks. Taking the dose higher, than it is allowed, is dangerous for the user’s health.

There are a great variety of Turinover combinations and here are some of the examples:

Turinover+ testosterone propionate will bring high efficiency in qualitative musculature growth. Turinover come together with trenbolone and stanozolol as well. Female users could combine the drug with the Oxandrolone.

Amounts of Turinover on different cycles:

  • 30 mg daily after the Nandrolone Decanoate-Methandienone-Testosterone, during 3 weeks, for relief developing.
  • 50 mg daily + Stanozolol (150 mg a week) after the cycle, for 2-3 weeks. You are able to find the proper drugs for Turinover combination on

Side effects of Vermodje Turinover 100 tabs

The most possible androgenic bad effects of Turinover are: problems with skin fat secretion, which leads to pimples appearance; increase of hair amount on the face and the body; cases of BPH. The male users, who are predisposed to boldness, could face this problem. The masculinization symptoms could be developed in female users, if increasing the maximal daily dose (10 mg).

Turinover is able to make the secretion of the user’s endogenous Testosterone slower, or even to stop it. Though, the drug is known for the least androgen caused bad effects (among the anabolics), these effects could still show up, when the user is taking a complete course. Testosterone secretion supporting drugs, (HCG plus/or Tamoxifen, for example) are obligatory for an intake on the PCT. No matter, how harmless the anabolic steroid seemed to be, during its active usage, after the end of it, the Testosterone secretion-supporting drugs have to be taken for about 4-6 weeks.

Tor 07/25/2017


I start athletics. Is it a really good drug for burning fat and building muscle? How to take it? Are there any side effects? I also want to increase my stamina and strength.

Josh 03/05/2017


Everything suits me. Good store, shipping fast, big assortment.

DrBu 03/04/2017


Explain me what dosage is better to start? I am 25 years old, weight 75 kg, I want to gain about 5 kg of muscle mass and higher strength. I have only 8 weeks before the target. In advance thank you!

VeroN 02/21/2017

4 kilo by month

I've taken Turinover for 4 weeks 40 mg/day+ training 3 times a week for 1 hour. As a result, I gained 4 kg of lean body mass. So far very pleased

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Vermodje Turinover 100 tabs

Powerful turinabol inside (derivative of Methandienone)

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