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Winstrol tablets are best in cutting cycles. Excellent strength increasers.

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Description of Vermodje Stanover 100 tabs

Stanover is a medicine produced by Vermodje Company which belongs to steroid medicines. On the pharmaceutical market, Stanover (Stanozolol) is represented by its oral and injectable forms. Usually, bodybuilders prefer to use the preparation during their cutting period. This is because it helps to achieve a desired level of muscle strength. At the same time, the product is believed to be not very effective in terms of mass gaining. If you want to incorporate this drug to your steroid cycle, please, visit our online-store at to find out more information and make a purchase.

Chemically, Stanover is a dihydrotestosterone derivative Stanozolol. However, its action is weaker than the one that the natural hormone can provide. Stanover provides the androgenic action, while the anabolic one is almost absent.

Stanozolol cannot transform to estrogen, which is an important property for all bodybuilders. This medicine does not provoke such popular side effects as gynecomastia or water retention and does not require taking any anti-estrogenic medicines. This is why many bodybuilders prefer to take Stanover in their cutting period, when extra fat and water retention are the major problems.

Dosage of Vermodje Stanover 100 tabs

An average daily dosage for male bodybuilders is approximately 35-75 mg (if the drug is taken in the oral form). As for the injectable form, an average dosage of Stanover is about 25-50 mg. This Vermodje medicine can be combined with other steroid substances to enhance each other’s efficiency. If bodybuilders want to use Stanover in their bulking period, they should add some androgens like Oxymetholone or Methandienone to their cycle.

During a cutting period, Stanozolol should be combined with Halotestin or Trenbolone. Bodybuilders who know they are sensitive to possible side effects can supplement their therapy with such drugs as Boldenone, Methenolone or Nandrolone. This approach allows to achieve really good results with minimum negative reactions.

As for female bodybuilders, it is usually recommended to take about 5-10 mg of Stanover a day. This medicine is commonly well-tolerated by this category of athletes. More detailed information about this steroid can be found at our online-store at

Side effects of Vermodje Stanover 100 tabs

Due to its chemical structure, Stanover provides action on a sportsman’s liver. The liver damage caused by the oral form is more than that from the injectable drug’s version. Therefore, taking Stanozolol in injections is considered to be more beneficial for bodybuilders.

To prevent this action, bodybuilders should limit the length of their steroid treatment or take some drugs which can protect their liver against that kind of damage.

As many other steroids, Stanover can also affect cholesterol levels in the human body. The influence on cholesterol levels depends on the daily dosage and duration of Stanozolol cycle. The oral form influences the cholesterol levels more significantly than the injectable one.

Unfortunately, Stanover provides certain negative actions. A few to mention are the following:

  • Cardiac hypertrophy;
  • Increased cholesterol and liver values;
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Headache;
  • Sleeping problems, etc.
Father of Arnold 11/25/2017

Cmon gimme advice

Hello there!) With huge weight iron I am working about 5-6 years at current moment.
Before steroid I am used only gainers and proteins powder in giant bottles. Now I am prefer steroids much more + a lot of meat each day. In same time I need to sleep a lot - its for growth boosting. Josh you re wrote about ache. Is it still such situation with it or now you deal with it? I need advice before I will buy it. But I want to buy this tabs very much.

trainer 03/04/2017


Josh, it will depend on you! Start slowly, watch for your organism's reaction. I think it can go normally!

Josh 02/05/2017

side effects

I had acne after Anapolon injections. Does these tablets suit me?

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Vermodje Stanover 100 tabs

Winstrol tablets are best in cutting cycles. Excellent strength increasers.

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