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Vermodje Restaver (Testosterone undecanoate) 10 caps

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Active substance Testosterone undecanoate
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Description of Vermodje Restaver (Testosterone undecanoate) 10 caps

Testosterone-based medicines are usually a base of all building-up cycles. Bodybuilders use both injectable and oral forms. Testosterone undecanoate is one of most popular kinds of oral esters.

This medicine is not similar to other testosterones. Undecanoate ester has its benefits and disadvantages. Experienced sportsmen usually take it between their cycles.

Being the oral form of testosterone, undecanoate ester is to be destroyed in the human liver. However, pharmacologists put this active substance in a special capsule that contains fatty acid and prevents drug destruction. So Testosterone undecanoate (Restaver) can reach the target location via lymphatic system bypassing a sportsman’s liver. Therefore, there is no liver damage.

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages of this drug. Some amount of undecanoate ester is absorbed and converted. At the same time, a portion of the active substance is excreted very fast and does not provide a desired action.

Because of low levels of releasing testosterone, this medicine is considered to be very safe and is often used by females and cautious sportsmen.

Another advantage is that Testosterone undecanoate can’t be detected already in one week after ending the cycle. So this is a useful medicine before an oncoming competition.

Another benefit of this drug is that it does not suppress the natural production of endogenous testosterone.

Dosage of Vermodje Restaver (Testosterone undecanoate) 10 caps

For a moderate effect, it is recommended to take Testosterone undecanoate at average dosages of about 6 capsules a day, that is approximately 240 mg. Unfortunately, only a small amount of testosterone can reach a sportsman’s bloodstream. The rest is wasted. The medicine is also excreted from the body very fast. Daily dosages lower than 240 mg provide almost no effect.

Testosterone undecanoate usually is not used during heavy cycles of experienced bodybuilders. Instead, this drug is often used to increase a sportsman’s libido during post cycle therapy. For more detailed information, please, visit our online-store at

A daily dosage can vary from 240 to 480 mg. It is often taken three times a day in equal parts. It is recommended to be taken after meal followed by drinking enough water. The capsule should be swallowed not crashed.

It is pretty safe for use in females at average daily dosages about 120-240 mg. Combinations of this drug with Methenolone or Oxandrolone are very popular among bodybuilders.

Side effects of Vermodje Restaver (Testosterone undecanoate) 10 caps

Side effects of Restaver occur very seldom. They are quite weak because of Restaver’s gentle action. Therefore, this medicine is considered to be safe even if it is taken at high dosages. Sometimes, common testosterone-related side effects can be provoked by dosages above 500 mg.

Testosterone undecanoate converts in dihydrotestosterone in the human body. This steroid almost does not aromatize. Therefore, bodybuilders may not have concerns about estrogen-related side effects. You can always read more about this drug at our online-store at

Tomas 07/26/2017

help me boys

10 tablets will help me? Will there be enough one pack or should I bathe more? I have never used this, so I do not know. And so I want to help my body to grow up faster, because so far there is no sense from playing sports.

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Vermodje Restaver (Testosterone undecanoate) 10 caps

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