Vermodje Naposim 10mg 100 tabs

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Active substance Methandienone
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Juicy 04/29/2018

Naposim is best D-Bol EVER Made

I've taken all different types from the Tai ping to you name it and Napa some is by far the best d-bal made and the best results off of D ball of come from Napa some in the last 20 years in regards to which d-bal is best.

Mateo Q 11/23/2017

Yo Yo Yo Pals

Huh, looks like one of the really cheapest. Pal in my gym eating it. But he is real hulk + much bigger than me. Real bulled guerilla. To be honest he told me nothing about impact to health. Should I buy it also?

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Vermodje Naposim 10mg 100 tabs

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