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The main effects of Fluoxymesterone revolve around strength and aggression.

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Description of Vermodje Halotever 25 tabs

The active component of Vermodje Halotever 25 tabs is androgen-based Fluoxymesterone (10 mg in each pill). This oral anabolic steroid worth ordering it on, due to its several beneficial functions. Halotever elevates power productivity, improves vascularity, makes the relief more sharp cut and conspicuous. The improved vascularity will not only make the muscles look tense, but will brings an effect of recent fat reduction as well. The anabolic activity of Halotever is two thousand per cent; the androgenic activity is one thousand per cent. When getting into the organism, this steroid is staying active from 5 to 10 hours. Its marks in the organism are kept up to 2 months, after the last pill, and could be seen on the blood analysis during that time.

If your ultimate goal is power growth, not the musculature gaining- this effective androgenic steroid is just for you! The pills are having minor anabolic features and they are not used for massive musculature build up. At the same time, Fluoxymesterone is very popular among bodybuilders and athletes. The thing is at drug’s highest usefulness during the pre-competition trainings, while it is hardens previously gained muscle mass. The steroid has no flavor, so, the users do not suffer from non-cancer breast size increase and hydrops formation. Fluoxymesterone substance is basically used in the therapy against breast cancer. If the amount of fat in the user’s body is not big, the drug will support more qualitative muscular density, bulk and relief. The drug is often used not only by the power lifters, but by the rugby players and those, who go info mixed martial arts. The Halotever’s fat acid oxidization adjustment in the liver is supporting the fat reduce. The period of definition is one of the best cycle parts to start Halotever administration.

Dosage of Vermodje Halotever 25 tabs

The common dose is from 20 to 40 mg per day. The Halotever’s effect on liver could be very harmful, that is why it is strongly recommended to take the drug for no more, than four weeks. The maximal daily dose is 40 mg, and it is on no account allowed to take the dose higher. As this steroid is known to elevate the aggressiveness, some of the athletes just take a 10 mg dosage, before the workout, in order to stimulate themselves for greater achievements. You are able to make sure of this beneficial function of Vermodje Halotever 25 tabs, after ordering it on our site -

Side Effects of Vermodje Halotever 25 tabs

The specific negative feature of Halotever is at often thyroid’s gland T3 hormone lessening, though T4 index stays the same, as it used to be. The drug’s toxicity on liver. Other possible bad effects are frequent appearance of pimples, stomach disorder, nasal bleeding, hair loss, aggressiveness and user’s own testosterone secretion cessation. The dose should be properly calculated, considering each user’s sensitivity to Halotever components.

When the course is already finished, Clomiphene and Tamoxifen administration are earnestly recommended. These preparations are mainly used by athletes and powerlifters, they are not known to be in great request among the bodybuilders, but their administration will be very supportive.

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Vermodje Halotever 25 tabs

The main effects of Fluoxymesterone revolve around strength and aggression.

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