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Description of Vermodje Androver 25 tabs

Androver (Oxymetholone) is considered to be the most powerful and efficient steroid, used in the form of oral drug. Rapid musculature gain (even up to 7 kg per 2 weeks), is the result of water retention in the body. If you are searching for a drug for quantitative muscle growth, the available on, Vermodje Androver 25 tabs, is just for you! One of its benefits is "joint anointing", which is provided by the additional water at the organism. The Androver’s androgenic effect supports the rapid rehab. The main component of that anabolic drug is Oxymetholone steroid (50mg).

Androver supports the elevation in red blood cell’s number and productivity. Considering the fact, that the basic feature of that drug was to treat people, who are losing weight and energy (like the patients with HIV), it is very supportive at muscular size and power growth.

Among the bodybuilders, Androver is highly used for pure mass growth, though there is a possibility, that certain muscles would be swollen. The drug is functioning rapidly and the bodybuilding results of it are already seen by the 1st week ending.

Dosage of Vermodje Androver 25 tabs

The dosage is calculated in proportions 1-2 mg/1 kg user’s weight, in other words- 50-200 mg a day. The first day dose should be 50 mg maximum, and then it will be little by little increased (in several days to several weeks’ time) up to 100 mg. As it is not allowed to take drug for more, than 6 weeks, the athletes, who are having serious progress and whose weight is more, than 100 kilos, could elevate the daily dose to 150 mg, but for the short period of time only. If taking the additional helping drug, people chose Testosterone injections for the first 3-6 weeks of Androver usage. If you are looking for another way of even more mass growth elevation, you may read about the injectable form of Trenbolone or Nandrolone on our site

In case of Deca and Trenbolone adding, the PCT will be necessary after the end of administration, as those drugs are stopping the body secretion of testosterone.

After the end of drug taking, the water retentions will rapidly lessen (together with the gained weight), so it should be expected. The reduction of testosterone secretion by the organism is what really matters- so, when the Androver administration is finished, it if strongly recommended to use Tamoxifen and HCG. The drugs like Deca will be helpful to strengthen the gained musculature, so that after the Androver taking, the remaining results could be appreciated. However, the post-therapy preparations still have to be taken, as Nandrolone’s functions do not include testosterone level elevation.

Side effects of Vermodje Androver 25 tabs

The Oxymetholone cannot turn into estrogen straight forward (as it is a DHT derivative), but it has side effects of estrogenic nature. The bad effects like that could become minimal, when adding, for example, Exemestane or Letrozole (the drugs, which suppress estrogen index in the organism) to the course of Androver. Oxymetholone is considered to have an ability of speeding up the user’s estrogen receptors transfer. If taking the doses higher, than it is allowed, the steroid could do harm to the user’s health, due to the possible liver toxicity.

Androver has appetite-stimulating function, when it is properly used, but when the dosage is elevated, it could vice versa lessen the appetite, the reluctance to eat could be displayed. Among possible bad effects are the headaches. Responsible administration of each drug will give the user minimum side effects (or even none of them), and this way, the highest efficiency will be achieved!

Zack 07/17/2017


Guys, I read some positive reviews about this drug, but I also want to ask those who really took it. My goal is to gain muscle mass in a very short time. Can I achieve positive results with this drug?

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Vermodje Androver 25 tabs

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