Vermodje Androver 100 tabs

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Amazing choice for bodybuilders during the last few weeks before a competition.

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Description of Vermodje Androver 100 tabs

Vermodje Androver 100 tabs supports fast mass gain. If you desire the fastest muscle growth and you are ready to take risk of temporary muscle lines’ smoothing (due to lipolysis process), order Vermodje Androver 100 tabs on our site,!

The drug specification is in water retention, which will bring rather huge mass together with lubricated joints. This function of the drug is reducing pain during the workouts. The user could have a feeling of being swollen, because the most feck of accumulated kilos will consist of liquid. There is a slight inconvenience, relating to the volume of Androver pill, which ought to be quite large, because its affinity to androgen receptors is not high enough for making small amount of the drug per 1 pill. As sport nutrition scientist W. Llewellen has mentioned- 3 pills of Androver 50 (150 mg) are the same as 30 pills of Methandienone, or 75 Winstrol pills. As Androver is having strong side effects, it is recommended to use the drug for 6 weeks maximum. If the user is acne-predisposed, it is first necessary to book an appointment with a doctor, before drug taking. By the end (of after the end) of administration cycle, where Androver has been taken, antiestrogenic preparations (Tamoxifen for example) ought to be used straight away, as they are helping to prevent the bad effects, which estrogen causes (greasy skin, drum belly). Tamoxifen is also regaining the own body testosterone secretion.

Dosage of Vermodje Androver 100 tabs

The most preferred daily dosage is from 50 to 150 mg. The majority of users are having great results with 50 mg/day, other need 100-150 mg/day for achieving, what is desired. When the drug is combined with appropriate anabolic steroid (or steroids), some athletes take dosages elevated up to 300 mg/day. In other occasions, there is no use in increasing the allowed enough high 150 mg/day dose.

In purpose to make the cycle of steroid more resultative, combining Androver with proper anabolic steroids (which are in the injection form) is possible. One of the examples is Androver dose + Oxymetholone (60-80 mg a day)/ trenbolone acetate (50-100 mg a day), which in total will bring much increase in the efficiency. Combining Androver with Testosterone/Boldenone/Nandrolone will be useful for body power and musculature formation improvement. For “cycle crash” prevention, the human chorionic gonadotropin has to be used. If you are interested in that drug combinations, look for above described drugs on our site,

Side effects of Vermodje Androver 100 tabs

Due to the fact, that side effects usually appear when estrogen index is higher, than it should be, the appropriate way of administration will protect the user from almost all kinds of these bad effects. When the estradiol index is within the standard, the Androver side effects are the same to those anabolic steroids, which are used in oral form.

As being an oral anabolic, which is alkylated, the most harmful side effect of it could be shown in the form of liver toxicity. It is recommended to use the drug for not longer, than 6-8 weeks and to make a break for the same 6-8 weeks after its usage. Luckily, the liver rehab does not take long time, so it could be even allowed to make the pause, equalized the half time, spent on the drug taking earlier.

Possible side effects, which are similar to other anabolics, are: HCT and blood pressure elevation, lipidic blood profile degradation, prostate becoming bigger (possibly temporary), pimples formation. In those men, who are inclined to baldness, this problem could appear.

Aaron 07/27/2017

Vermodje Androver 100 tabs

Good result?

Who tried it? I've heard that Vermodje Androver is a powerful oral anabolic steroid that helps stimulate rapid muscle growth and improve joint mobility. This is true? How fast is achieved the effect?

Andrei 03/05/2017

Vermodje Androver 100 tabs

good shop

Fast delivery, low prices. I've ordered for the third time, and every time was satisfied

Ivan27 03/04/2017

Vermodje Androver 100 tabs

it was recommended

13. My friend took Vermodje Androver course, and was very pleased by result. He often buys steroids here and very happy with everything, price and delivery. I also ordered andro here. Hope to recieve and test it soon

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Vermodje Androver 100 tabs

Amazing choice for bodybuilders during the last few weeks before a competition.

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