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Description of Radjay GW-1516 50 tabs

GW1516 is a drug that was developed by a famous pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline. This medicine acts as a selective agonist of PPARδ (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta).

These receptors participate in many important processes in the human body, such as fatty acid oxidation, insulin production, energy processes in cells and muscle inflammation. GW1516 promotes the uptake of glucose in skeletal muscles due to the drug’s ability to activate a special enzyme involved in energy processes in our body.

Based on rigorous tests conducted on animals, scientists have discovered GW1516 has excellent potential advantages for the human health.

This peptide promotes processes of metabolism in the human body in the same way as physical trainings and exercises do. It causes some positive side effects such as the increase of fat loss and sportsman endurance. According to tests that scientists have done, the use of GW1516 promotes the decrease of bad cholesterol levels and the rise of good cholesterol levels, the increase of insulin sensibility and reduction of cardiovascular markers. If you need to improve your metabolic processes, you can buy this effective drug at steromarket.com.

GW1516 has other synonym names such as Endurobol, GSK-516 or 516.

The drug in question was first created to treat such conditions as diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, obesity and cardiovascular problems. Later, GW1516 showed other positive effects like protection and strengthen of muscles, that makes it possible to reduce the muscle inflammation and damage.

The advantages of using Radjay GW-1516 50 tabs are:

  • faster fat burning
  • better sportsman’s endurance
  • the increase of good cholesterol levels
  • lowering bad cholesterol levels
  • better insulin sensibility
  • reduction of the number of cardiovascular markers

GW1516 shows the ability to return metabolic problems in fat men, which suffer from metabolic syndrome, to normal conditions. This action is possible due to the drug’s influence on fatty acid oxidation.

It is known that high levels of cholesterol can provoke different atherosclerotic vascular diseases.

An important feature of RADJAY GW-1516 is its ability to maintain the normal rate of different lipoprotein types. The drug decreases very-low-density lipoproteins (VLDL) levels, but also increases high-density lipoproteins (HDL).

Dosage of Radjay GW-1516 50 tabs

Usually, the drug is prescribed to be taken at a daily dosage of 10-100 mg; in most cases, the administration is 10-20. To increase endurance, it is recommended to take about 10 mg of the medicine a day.

To burn the fat, the daily dosage could be a little higher, about 20 mg a day. You can buy GW1516 at our online store at steromarket.comand read more information about using it properly.

Side effects of Radjay GW-1516 50 tabs

If the drug is used wrong, some side effects may occur. A sportsman may suffer from headache or symptoms of hypoglycemia. Significant exceeding of regular dosages can provoke cancer.

Sammy 11/23/2017

Tabs or tons or dairy products?))

I have no time for injections, so oral steroids only option for me. Relatives are told that ancient greek athletes are eating only dairy fat cream, cheese and beans (giant portions) and looks stunning on all these ancient wall paintings and artefacts, you know. Ma told that its creepy to eat something not natural, but I like steroids. Does anybody already bought these tabs? I need your conclusion.

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Radjay GW-1516 50 tabs

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