Radjay GW-1516 100 tabs

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With GW1516 more fat burn and an increase in endurance exercise capacity.

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Description of Radjay GW-1516 100 tabs

This medicine was first developed to cure such conditions as dyslipidemia, diabetes mellitus, obesity and cardiovascular problems. Later, however, additional positive features of this drug, such as muscular enhancing and protective effects, were revealed.

This Radjay company’s product is not a steroid drug. It acts as agonist of PPARδ, which is peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta.

These receptors affect many important processes in the human body such as the insulin production, energy processes in cells, fatty acid oxidation and muscle inflammation.

Another target of the drug’s action is adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase, a special enzyme that takes part in energy processes. This positive action allows to uptake more glucose is skeletal muscle.

Advantages of RADJAY GW-1516 are:

  • the dramatic increase of a sportsman’s endurance;
  • normalization of cholesterol levels, that is reduction of a bad cholesterol concentration and raising a good one;
  • blocking insulin spikes;
  • the increase of fat burning;
  • making the diabetes mellitus patients feel better.

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RADJAY GW-1516 can also bear names 516, GSK-516 or Endurobol.

Researches prove RADJAY GW-1516 exhibits the ability to correct metabolic disorders in patients with a pre-diabetes syndrome. This is possible due to stimulation of the fatty acid oxidation.

Another important feature of RADJAY GW-1516 is ability to maintain the correct rate of different cholesterol varieties. It can decrease very-low-density lipoproteins (VLDL) levels and increase those of high-density ones.

Dosage of Radjay GW-1516 100 tabs

Before, GW-1516 was considered a dangerous drug. The Anti-Doping Agency reported that GW-1516 provokes a carcinogenesis. However, this property of the medicine was found with very high dosages, approximately 10 mg/kg. For a common patient, it is about 900 mg of the active substance a day, while a recommended daily dosage is 20 mg.

The dose of 10 mg a day allows to gain higher endurance and cut rest time while training.

The drug can burn body fats and keep muscles. For this purpose, a recommended dosage is 10 mg a day; however, taking 20 mg is also allowed and can provide better results.

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The course of the treatment can last up to 8 weeks. In case of taking GW-1516 in combination with other sports nutrients, you should consult a doctor to adjust your dosages.

Side effects of Radjay GW-1516 100 tabs

There are almost no side effects if the medicine is taken in recommended dosages. RADJAY GW-1516 doesn’t exhibit any toxicity and hormone suppression.

The increase of metabolic processes leads to quick consumption of glycogen, so you shouldn’t exceed your recommended dosage to avoid hypoglycemia.

If you feel weak, hungry or drowsy, eat something sweet to prevent hypoglycemia. Loss of consciousness is a dangerous condition and can be a sign of beginning hypoglycemia.

In rare cases, headache was reported by bodybuilders as a side effect.

You should take this medicine for 8 weeks maximum.

Greg 07/26/2017

Good result?

I need an advice! Tell me, this drug is an effective gene doping? Need to increase my stamina and strength. The best effect will be achieved with rare (but long) or regular (but not long) training?

Alpha 02/06/2017

is it allowed for female?

I found information about using of GW1516 by women. There were increase in muscle mass and decrease body fat. What side effects can be in women? Whether is it allowed for female?

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Radjay GW-1516 100 tabs

With GW1516 more fat burn and an increase in endurance exercise capacity.

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