Golden Dragon Turhoged 10mg 100tabs

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More and more european bodybuilders begin to be interested in steroids.

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Description of Golden Dragon Turhoged 10mg 100tabs

Turhoged (Turinabol) produced by Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals (China) is an anabolic and androgenic steroid which is available in form of ingestible 100 tablets in pack, each tablet contains 10 mg of active ingredient: 4-ChlorodeHydroMethylTestosterone hormone, which you can buy on

In 1961 precursor of Turhoged 10mg was patented by German pharmaceutical company, and since then this drug has been a leader among sports pharmacology all over the world. Its scope is wide: from bodybuilding to track-and-field athletics or sports oriented endurance. Anabolic activity of medicine is 180% from testosterone’s, androgenic is only 50%. Turhoged is one of the most healthy steroid, that's why it is often used even by women.

Athletes note gradual but qualitative increase of their athletic performance and muscle growth. Reviews of Golden Dragon Turhoged indicate effectiveness of the steroid as a means of deferred action. None of user who complied with recommended dosage, faced with severe adverse reactions. However, reviews of Turhoged talk about inappropriate steroid combination with other AAS, because of effects on the liver. The best combination can be testosterone enanthate.

Effects of Golden Dragon Turhoged 10mg 100tabs

  • - Firstly, Turhoged (Turinabol) causes irreversible and rapid muscle growth that is independent of fluid accumulation in tissues of the body. At the end of course this effect stays longer than after use of Methandrostenolone
  • - Increased muscle relief. Progress is slow, but results are better.
  • - Visible increase of muscle power.
  • - Accelerate recovery process.
  • - Reduce concentration of special globulin that binds of sex hormone.
  • - Increased appetite, improve general well-being and mood.
  • - Increase motivation.

Side Effects of Golden Dragon Turhoged 10mg 100tabs

Golden Dragon Turhoged 10mg practically has no side effects, it is one of the safest anabolic steroids, on Nevertheless, there are some athletes who noted rare manifestation of gynecomastia or alopecia (it usually had place with a considerable excess of the recommended doses, when Turhoged was used more than 40 mg per day). Perhaps the only serious side effect of Turhoged which can't be forgotten is hepatotoxicity. However, hepatic enzymes will not be violated if duration of steroid course is not more than 6 weeks. In case of negative effect on the liver violation of blood clotting and bleeding can appear.

Dosage and Stacking of Golden Dragon Turhoged 10mg 100tabs

The formula to calculate exact dosage of this drug is mg / tablet = 0.4 x pound (body weight) x days.

Classic Turhoged beginners course is 40 mg for 6 weeks. For advanced level would be suitable scheme of 40-50 mg Turhoged Turinabol supplemented with 50-100 mg Testosterone propionate for 6-8 weeks.

Combination of medication with 228 mg Trenbolone H 100 / week, and 150 mg Stanozolol 50/week has great demand among connoisseurs too. To enhance muscle definition and form your ideal body shape it's recommended to follow low-fat diet and use fat burners, such as Clenbuterol, T3 and others.

Reda R 05/29/2017

Some questions

In what period will the results be approximately visible?? is it possible to increase the legit dosage/ml??? and what other products are better for combining for best effect?)))

trainer 03/04/2017

to Kiyoko

I did not compared them, but every athlete like his own pharma. I think it's a matter of personal tolerance.

Kiyoko 02/05/2017


Does someone compared this turhoged with analogue from Balkan farma? Which is better one?

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Golden Dragon Turhoged 10mg 100tabs

More and more european bodybuilders begin to be interested in steroids.

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