Golden Dragon Strombaged 10mg 100 tabs

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Very popular in USA, Canada, UK and Europe.

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Active substance Stanozolol
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Golden Dragon Strombaged 10 mg 100 tabs

Golden Dragon Strombaged – is one of the best anabolic steroids, was developed by Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals as tablets 10 mg. The active ingredient is Stanozolol. The chemical and biological terms, this agent is an antagonist of progesterone and a derivative of the natural hormone dihydrotestosterone.

Description of Golden Dragon Strombaged 10mg 100 tabs

Strombaged is the trade name synthetic steroid, which is designed for intake in pill form. Steroid agent can be bought as a pack with 100 tablets in blisters. The complete package of the remedy in an amount of 100 tabs of 10 mg easy and simple to purchase from us -

Strombaged enters in a row the most harmless steroids and female athletes are very often used it. Masculinization (an appearance of secondary male sex characters) is rarely detected - in isolated cases and is a consequence of overdose.

The steroid Strombaged is an appropriate acquisition for those would like to emphasize a muscle relief, increase stamina and tone. Stanozolol perfectly emphasizes the muscle fibers drawn contour. It reduces body fat. Strombaged stimulates an organism to use fat of lipid cells as an energy source and creates a beautiful lean muscle.

The anabolic agent possesses a low androgenic activity and is not transformed into estrogens.

Strombaged is a steroid with distinct combinatorial properties. The Golden dragon drug goes excellent with Methandienone or Oxymetholone, Boldenone, Nandrolone Decanoate, Primobolan, Nandrolone and other AAS to accomplish specific results.

Dosage of Golden Dragon Strombaged 10mg 100 tabs

In pill form athletes taking daily 40 – 80 mg. Injections are more effective in a dosage from 50 to 100 mg.

Cycle duration varies from 5 to 6 weeks as well as when taking other steroids.

The optimal choice for a newbie who is not sufficiently familiar with the action of Strombaged is lower dosages. Experienced athletes can practice higher dosages of the above range or even superior to them. But this variant should be well thought out. An additional effect of high-dose steroid decreases rapidly by reason of the increased probability of liver toxic injury.

Winstrol is often applied in a combination with other anabolic remedies. The choice of preparations for the combined course is determined by the task.

Many bodybuilders use a means for «drying» — when the task is to increase muscle mass while reducing a fat layer.

For a set of muscle bulk, it is expedient to combine Strombaged with strong androgenic preparations (for example, with Oxymetholone, Testosterone or Methandrostenolone) in order to enhance an anabolic result without additional undesirable effects of estrogen. Stanozolol compensates the estrogenic influence of steroids and does a cycle balanced.

If the intention is weight loss, depression of subcutaneous fat via cardio-training and diets, and a creation of the expressive planimetric muscular relief, then Strombaged works together with Trenbolone perfectly.

Strombaged gives an essential increase in power indicators, especially to athletes with the moderate content of fat and average weight. Representatives of the sports focused on endurance and animal force (boxers, fighters, sprinters, skiers) highly appreciate this preparation for its property to increase these physiological parameters but not to add excess weight.

Side effects of Golden Dragon Strombaged 10mg 100 tabs

Potential side effects of drug cause understandable anxiety, especially with the prolonged application of unnecessarily high doses.

Active ingredient — stanozolol methyl group — has the alpha-17 structure that prevents its collapse when administered orally and gives a high bioavailability, but adversely affects the liver by poisoning it.

It is worth to remember basic rules when applying of Strombaged:

  • an intake cycle lasting should not exceed the recommended;
  • the increasing in dosage should be gradual, starting with the minimum;
  • mandatory refusal of alcohol;
  • it is not permissible to combine medication with other hepatotoxic steroids;
  • Strombaged is not used at serious diseases of liver;

Natural biological agents, such as Liv-52, Milk Thistle, are recommended for extra protection liver cells during the Strombaged cycle.

The manifestation of acne is probably when applying the steroid. During Strombaged cycle — a using of anti-estrogens is not required as stanozolol is not transformed into estrogen. Thence side effects like increase in hypodermic liquids, gynecomastia (formation and growth of tissue of mammary gland at men) are not observed.

When using the steroids possessing property to inhibit natural testosterone secretion which Strombaged belongs, correct post-cycle therapy (PCT) has great significance.

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Jimmy Bowman 11/23/2017

I am into your conversation

Thank you Shooter, now I am know that dosage to 2 tablets per day its ok. Because I thought I need to use it 3 or more every day if I started. But man, you need to avoid muscle confusion, dont forget about rest too)). Also, Prima maybe you will write what did you use previously? Because we are not doctors.

ShOoTeR 03/05/2017

very satisfied!

After 3 weeks of use I began to feel sweating. I had lowered dosage to 2 tablets a day. After that, this feeling stopped. I'm pleased with Golden Dragon Strombaged. Excellent result: for 5 weeks weight dropped from 89 to 78, excellent power, great muscles.

prima 03/04/2017

what's for girl

Can women take Strombaged Unlike other drugs with testosterone origin?

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Golden Dragon Strombaged 10mg 100 tabs

Very popular in USA, Canada, UK and Europe.

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