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Golden Dragon Oxiged 50 mg by Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals

Description of Golden Dragon Oxiged 50 100 tabs

Oxiged 50 by Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals is the synthetic steroid. The international name of the product is Oxymetholone, but the Golden Dragon company has released it under the trade name of Oxiged 50. The production form is tablets for internal use. Every tablet contains 50 mg of active substance – Oxymetholone. This product can be used by both men and women. A blister of Oxiged 50 contains 60 tablets. Many athletes noticed Oxiged 50 produced a "pump effect", that is the blood flow to the muscles increases considerably.

Dosage of Golden Dragon Oxiged 50 100 tabs

A proper dosage of anabolic drugs is calculated based on body weight. For Oxiged 50, it makes about 0,5 mg per pound for any athlete. It’s equal to 1-4 tablets or approximately 50-200 mg a day. It’s not allowed for any athlete to take over 4 tablets a day. 3 tablets will be enough; avoid exceeding this dosage. At the beginning of using Oxiged 50, it is recommended to take only 1 tablet a day. In several days, this dosage can be doubled – one tablet in the morning and the other – in the evening, preferably with meals. More details at our shop

Higher Oxiged 50 dosages (up to 150 mg) are possible for experienced sportsmen or athletes with the body mass over than 220 pounds. In this case, the dosage can be elevated after 3 weeks of using the drug. But it should be considered only as a temporary measure because it is not recommended to use such high doses for more than 3 weeks. You can’t give up using the Oxiged 50 immediately. Reduce the dosage stepwise by canceling 1 tablet every week. The total period of taking the drug shouldn’t last over 6 weeks.

Overdosage is always harmful. If you are not fully satisfied with your weight gain pace, consider using another product. Avoid taking higher dosages of inefficient remedies. v

Sportsmen who use Oxiged 50 longer than 6 weeks can add up to 25 pounds to their mass, that is a very good result. Discontinue taking the drug as soon as you are satisfied with your muscle mass. To avoid side effects from giving up the drug, replace Oxiged 50 with another steroid medicine.

Oxiged 50 can provoke drastic mass or strength loss once the treatment cycle is ended. Other steroid hormones don’t show this effect. One way to continue the treatment is using injections of Testosterone Enanthate or Sustanon 250 during several weeks. It’s widely popular among bodybuilders to combine Oxiged 50 with Testosterone C or Nandrolone D for increasing strength and mass. An effective complex of anabolic drugs that professional sportsmen like consists of Oxiged 50 mg daily, Parabolan 228 mg and Sustamed 500 mg weekly. The dosage can vary depending on a sportsman. This combination allows to build up the mass and strength very quickly; it is recommended only for experienced athletes.

Oxiged 50 by Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals can be used only by sportsmen who have been taking other steroid drugs to increase their mass before. A novice should start from weaker compounds than Oxiged 50. If you hear a story about experienced sportsmen taking 10 tablets of this drug, don’t believe it. Your body can’t handle such high doses of the hormone. You have to take Oxiged 50 very seriously and know permitted dosages.

Side effects of Golden Dragon Oxiged 50 100 tabs

Unfortunately, this hormone is very harmful. It shows such side effects as:

  • • hepatotoxicity;
  • • appearance of feminine signs in men;
  • • excessive water retention;
  • • steroid acne etc.

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The natural testosterone production within a human body decreases during the course of taking Oxiged 50. It is advisable to consult a doctor before starting the treatment.

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Can I use steroids with another medicines or after vaccination? Or I need a break for a few days/weeks? Now it's the season of viruses and I need to prepare myself. I am worried about my health.

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Golden Dragon Oxiged 50 100 tabs

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