Balkan Turanabol 60 tabs

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Lot of strength for the body and increased ability for speed.

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Description of Balkan Turanabol 60 tabs

Balkan Turanabol 60 tabs (or Turinabol) is produced by Moldovan Balkan Pharmaceuticals Company at the oral form. Thanks to the basic active substance, the anabolic features of the steroid are high and the androgenic features are comparatively low. Turanabol’s pharmacological features made it quite popular. This anabolic steroid is also known as T-BOL, Turinadex, Turanabolic and Turanaplex.

The Turanabol administration will help the athletes to gain about 5 or 6kg of qualitative dry muscles. Turanabol stimulates the body's fat disintegration processes. That is the reason, why many athletes prefer to take it during the pre-competition trainings. The other successful Turanabol function is the improvement of the user’s functional parameters of the body. By this is meant- the user’s stamina, speed and the power performance. You are able to make sure of these benefits yourself, after making an order of Balkan Turanabol on our site,

The Turanabol administration makes the index of SHBG lower, resulting in the free testosterone concentration elevation at the bloodstream. According to the substantiated information, Turanabol minimizes the probability of clots’ formation in heart and blood vessels. Due to the fact, that Turanabol causes nearly no hydrops, the athletes are achieving tight and dry musculature at the end of the steroid course, not exceeding the limits of their weight category. Turanabol stimulates the synthesis of protein, inhibits amino acids’ cleavage in the organism. It retains phosphate, potassium and nitrogen; elevates the platelets’, erythrocytes’ and leukocytes’ production. After the end of Turanabol course, the secretion of testosterone completely comes back to normal in five-day time.

Dosage of Balkan Turanabol

The proper dosage of Turanabol has to be individually calculated, taking into consideration the physical and physiological features of each athlete. The common daily dosage is from 30 to 60 mg, and it is, as a rule, separated into several stages. As the athletes assure, the steroid, when used at these dosage ranges, causes nearly none bad effects. What is more, the users from the security forces and the powerlifters, who are taking the increased dosage, as a rule, face no bad effects. The female dosage of Turanabol should be not more, than 10-15 mg a day. It is better to consult a specialist, before starting the Turanabol administration. It will help you to set the optimal dosage of the steroid, which will be both effective and safe. The usual duration of that steroid course is 6 or 7 weeks.

Combining Turanabol with such drugs like Trenbolone H, Testosterone or Stanozolol will bring the notable results. These combinations help the athlete to get dry relief and the growth of musculature mass before the competitions, without the additional intake of the fat-reducing drugs. If you are interested in these combinations, Balkan Turanabol is available on our site,

Side effects of Balkan Turanabol

During the Turanabol administration, such common bad effects as non-cancerous breast size increase, elevated blood pressure and water retention do not take place at all, as the steroid aromatizes minimally. It is important to understand that only the appropriate way of administration and correctly calculated user’s dosage of Turanabol (in a stack, or used by itself) will save the user from any of the possible unpleasant effect of the steroid.

LinFeta 11/22/2017


What is the exact dosage to get mass and is there any special exercises for this?
Will there be enough dosage for the powerlifting competition? Or do we need any additional funds?

NeZoX 03/05/2017


If I buy one package, is it enough for one full course?

Bargane 03/04/2017

not so dusty

I think Balkan pharma is a good choice, they can be trusted! I've never been disappointed in this

dazzz 02/21/2017

my favourite

Balkan is great company. I've never had side effects after their pharma. The only thing we should not forget is good PST, and then everything is super!

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Balkan Turanabol 60 tabs

Lot of strength for the body and increased ability for speed.

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