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Description of Balkan Turanabol 20 tabs

Turanabol tablets (10 mg/pill) are produced by Balkan Pharmaceuticals. The active component of the steroid is Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. This substance is the Methandrostenolone’s chlor-substituted version. The steroid is also known as Turanaxyl, Turanaplex, Turanabol 10mg, Turanobol, Turinadex, T-Bol, Turanabol, Turanabolic or T.B 0.10.

For the medical purposes, Turanabol is usually used for the ovulation stimulation. In addition, it seriously influences the testicular axis (which is relating both to the hypothalamus and to the hypophysis). Turanabol increases the gonadotropin secretion by the hypophysis. Thanks to this discovery, made at the 60s, the steroid became very popular among the bodybuilders. In occasions, when the user’s own Testosterone secretion is decreased, Turanabol approves itself the most. The anabolic features of the steroid are high and the androgenic features are comparatively low.

Being 17-alpha-alkylated, Balkan Turanabol 20 tabs is quite often compared to Danabol. Some of their effects and structural characteristics are similar as well, though the Turanabol’s androgenic activity is lower. Even though, the administration of this steroid doesn’t bring huge mass (comparing with Methandienone, Testosterone or Oxymetholone), it is supporting the beneficial results at the hard musculature growth, if the period of intake lasts for several weeks already and the program of the trainings is suitable. This steroid has no tendency to aromatize; the hydrops are not appearing during its intake. Bodybuilders appreciate the fact, that the estrogenic bad effects are much to seek. Thanks to these advantages, Turanabol tablets are as well very popular among the weightlifters and the powerlifters. If you would like to join in with the users of this effective steroid, just order it on our site,!

Dosage of Balkan Turanabol

The common daily dosage of Turanabol for male users is from 40 to 50 mg. This amount will be enough for the notable muscular power and mass growth. The period of this steroid’s administration should take no longer, than 6 weeks. For the male athletes’ cycle of bulking, Turanabol could be used at the amount of 20-60mg+ the fitting type of testosterone (200-400mg weekly). The same dose of a strong anabolic steroid (Boldenone or Nandrolone Decanoate for example), could be used for the stack.

For the period of cutting, Turanabol could be combined with Testosterone (200-400mg weekly) and additionally with Trenbolone H or Methenolone at the amount of 300-400mg weekly. If you are interested in these combinations, you can find the above described drugs on our site,

Turanabol is not popular among the female bodybuilders or athletes, as its high dosage may result in the harmful impact on the women’ organism. If using more, than 10mg dose, the masculinization effects among women could be displayed.

Side effects of Balkan Turanabol

The Turanabol bad effects are very rare, because they could only appear, as a rule, on the high doses. The types of side effects depend on the user’s gender. For example, the male possible bad effects could be- occasional eyesight disorders (including indistinctness, flashing or flickering vision) and the climacteric hot flashes. As the steroid is only slightly toxic to liver, its damages, usually, do not take place, though some problems with the liver, in rare instances, are possible. Concerning the female users, the cases of ovaries’ size enlargement and the abdominal pain could appear, as the steroid is effecting the ovaries’ functioning.

Jacob 07/21/2017

feel good

Good tablets. helps my body to flush. I hope this effect will continue and I shoudnt found a new way to full body. I think it get me mass otherwise idk why i spent my money. But now the effect is really steep for this cash

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Balkan Turanabol 20 tabs

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