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Active substance Fluoxymesterone
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Drug Description of Balkan Halotest 10mg 60 tabs

Balkan Halotest 10 mg is an old-school steroid, that is also known as Halotestin, Halo, Halotestex, Halobolic. Halotest 10 mg is available in packs of 60 tabs on The drug is a square-shaped tablets of dark green color for dosage of 10mg. There is a dividing line, BP(Balkan Pharmaceuticals) print on the one side, and 10 (dosage) on the other.

Composition of Balkan Halotest 10mg 60 tabs

The active ingredient is Fluoxymesterone 10 mg - It is steroid having the most potent anabolic (20 times stronger than testosterone) and androgen (8.5 times greater) activity. Auxiliary substances are Magnesium Stearate, Ludipress (Lactose, Povidone, Crospovidone) and dyes.

Bodybuilding Benefits of Balkan Halotest 10mg 60 tabs

Balkan Halotest (Fluoxymesterone) is used especially often in bodybuilding, weightlifting and powerlifting. It helps to achieve better results in strength, and effective in body fat burn. It's used as a conclusion of preparation for a competition. The main active ingredient of this steroid - Fluoxymesterone, which had previously been used in medicine.

It is often used to increase aggression and motivation, that promotes intensive training.

In case of right approach Halotest gives following results:

  • • Quick impact on the level of aggression and motivation, rising them;
  • • Increases production of erythropoietin;
  • • Great loss of body fat;
  • • Increase hemoglobin's synthesis;
  • • Makes muscles tighter, add expressed muscle relief.

Therapeutic Indication of Balkan Halotest 10mg 60 tabs

At first, the drug was produced to treat delayed puberty, and hypogonadism for men and breast cancer for women, as well as osteoporosis and androgen insufficiency. Now steroid is not used in medicine.

Dosage of Balkan Halotest 10mg 60 tabs

The optimum dosage of Fluoxymesterone is 10 mg per day. Experienced athletes can apply 15-20 mg per day, but no more. For women Balkan Halotest is not recommended. This anabolic is active within 5-10 hours after use. But on doping controls may be found within two months. Duration of reception 6-8 weeks. To accelerate the growth of muscle mass can be combined with Boldenone, Nandrolone D and Testosterone C, and to reduce the risk of side effects – with HCG and Clomed or Tamoxifen from

Side Effects of Balkan Halotest 10mg 60 tabs

All the side effects are caused by violation of dosing and noncompliance with course of use. All the side effects are caused by violation of dosing and noncompliance with course of use. Halotest tablets can have side effects that are mainly caused by its high androgenic activity. The most notable side effect is acne, and increased body hair growth. The course may increase libido, increased frequency of erections. But possible suppression of natural testosterone, suppression of spermatogenesis, the development of prostate abnormalities are much more dangerous. For women Halotest may cause vaginal bleeding, increased libido. Drug abuse threatens significant manifestations of virilization.

Also taking Halotest in excess doses may provoke gynecomastia, swelling caused by water retention, hair loss. As well as nausea, dizziness, insomnia, increase in aggression, anxiety, and other negative manifestations.

For athletes of both sexes of all ages one of the main dangers of Halotest is increased toxicity of this drug to the liver. Therefore, in case of liver failure and other chronic diseases, medicine is contraindicated.

David 11/22/2017

Increase dosage

Used this preparation on cuting,its working and effective. A course was 6 weeks for 10 mg in a day, can I increase a dosage on a course a to 30 mg in a day or it is dangerous?

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Balkan Halotest 10mg 60 tabs

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