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Active substance Methandienone
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Description of Balkan Danabol 10mg 20 tabs

Danabol is manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova) and has active ingredient of steroid named Methandienone. Full pack consist of 60 tablets, each of them contains 10 mg of active substance. You can easily buy this medicine on, because it’s one of the most popular and procurable steroid drug among bodybuilders from all over the world.

Group of drugs which includes Balkan Danabol 20 tabs has no competitors on the growth of muscle mass and strength. Danabol's effect is explained by increasing of protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in the muscle cells. Many bodybuilders prefer this drug because it has very rapid effect as opposed to injecting analogue. At the same time, if you need a quick result or stimulation effect – Danabol from is your choice!

Effects of Balkan Danabol 10mg 20 tabs

  • - Increasing strength;
  • - Increasing endurance;
  • - Quick set of muscle mass;
  • - Accumulation of fluid and glycogen;
  • - Acceleration of protein synthesis and rapid recovery;
  • - Increasing appetite;
  • - Strengthening joints and ligaments;
  • - Minimum pullback after Danabol.

This is one of the cheapest and at the same time effective drugs. Danabol is suitable for both beginners and professionals. For one course increase in muscle mass can reach 10-15 kg.

Side effects of Balkan Danabol 10mg 20 tabs

It is also important to mention the danger of side effects of anabolic steroids, including Danabol. The most frequent of these is formation of gynecomastia or other signs of feminization. To avoid such consequences it is necessary to use Anastrozole or Tamoxifen, which you can easily buy on, or anywhere else.

Another reason of bodybuilder's fear is toxic effect Danabol on the liver. It should be noted that compliance with course and dosage of the drug helps to avoid negative influence. But application of hepatoprotectors should reduce risk of side effects.

Another side effects possible after Danabol:

  • - Acne
  • - Increase in blood pressure due to fluid retention
  • - Possible influence on ability to conceive (reversibly)

Dosage of Balkan Danabol 10mg 20 tabs

There are two ways to use Balkan Danabol, which you can buy on The most common is the so-called "fast start" at the beginning of training cycle for enhanced muscle growth and power. For men this dosage is from 25 to 100 mg, usage length is 4-10 weeks. It should be noted that Danabol is especially popular among women who engage in bodybuilding. This is justified because this drug does not cause masculinization unlike analogues. However, dosage for female should be lower - no more than 5 mg per day.

It is also possible to use medication as post cycle therapy (PCT) in dosage 10 mg per day to restore androgen levels in the blood.

Danabol can be easily combined with injectable steroids and may be used in conjunction. Balkan 20 tabs Danabol is recommend for use fractional every 3-5 hours after a meal.

Storage conditions of Balkan Danabol 10mg 20 tabs

Store Danabol at a room temperature out of reach of children without access to direct sunlight. Before use, check side effects with your doctor.

Steven Davidson 09/23/2017

make ripped physique and not become addicted

How can Balkan Danabol make ripped physique and not become addicted to it and from Anastrozole or Tamoxifen? How much do they affect the liver? Are there drugs that do not have side effects?

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Balkan Danabol 10mg 20 tabs

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