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Including oxymetholone in a bulking stack is very effective.

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Description of Balkan Anapolon 20 tabs

The properties of Anapolon (synonyms are ”Oxiged”, “Androver”, "A-50", "Anandrol 50" and "A-bombs") is familiar: it is steroid protein, which active substance is Oxymetholone. Mehanizm of Anapolon’s medical action is stimulation of hematopoiesis by erythrocyte component , as well as increasing appetite.

Origin of Anapolon

Initially, the drug was developed as an immune stimulant and has been used to treat diseases such as AIDS . But now, this additive become available to everyone (e.g. on and it’s often used in bodybuilding.


  • Increasing muscle growth (Oxymetholone is well-known as one of the most effective steroids in bodybuilding, up to 15 kg of muscle mass for 1 course)
  • significant increasing of muscle strength
  • Anapolon can eliminate joint pain, improves their function (due to higher output of synovial fluid, caused by part-progestin nature), but this property wasn’t marked by all athletes.
  • It reduces concentration of globulin, binding sex hormones, that makes effect of other anabolic hormones (eg testosterone) more pronounced and rapid in combined use.
  • increases amount of red blood cells, increases stamina.

Distinction and dignity of Balkan Anapolon 20 tabs

Unlike to many drugs (for example, Letrozole and Exemestane) A-50 does not convert to estrogen at all. This is precisely what bodybuilders try to avoid, so doctors recommend combining Anapolon by Balkan Pharmaceuticals together with above mentioned substances, in order to avoid side effects from estrogen metabolites.

According to medical studies, guinea people who took 50 mg of Oxymetholone per day gained 3.3 kg in total weight in 12 weeks. Enlargement of muscle mass by those who took 100 mg per day was 4.2 kg. All subjects did not take extra protein and not exercised.

Dosage of Balkan Anapolon 20 tabs

The dosage of Balkan Anapolon is 50-150 milligrams per day for men and for women - 25-50 mg (it depends on body weight and muscle mass). It's worth noting that period of elimination of this drug is 9 hours, it may helps to avoid overdose (more about that you’ll see below).


You can combine Balkan Anapolon with some injectable drugs given on Athletes use it for "fast start", ensuring significant gains strength and body weight on the earliest stages of its course, whereas other drugs in stack increase concentration gradually. However, in conjunction with Nandrolone and Trenbolone preparation is not used, because it can lead to more pronounced effects of progestin.

Side effects of Balkan Anapolon 20 tabs

Some athletes are marked headaches. In case of overdose appetite may also decrease. Side effects from using of Anapolon always associated with overdose of the drug. In most cases, large amounts of protein’s metabolism involves liver and excessively load on this organ may be hazardous! We recommend using this steroid only after consultation with your doctor. Duration of use should not be more than 6 weeks, considering correct dose according to your body weight. It should be noted that many bodybuilders think Balkan Anapolon is ideal for muscle growth, and simultaneously increase of strength.


Proper storage conditions of medication mean the drug is in normal room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight and out of reach by children.

Lucy 10/02/2017


Hi, I wanted to ask, is it possible to take these pills with me when I travel abroad? Or do I need a special recipe? Are they allowed in each state and what about Europe, Australia? I tavel a lot and can't live without steroids.

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Balkan Anapolon 20 tabs

Including oxymetholone in a bulking stack is very effective.

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