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Professionalism in sport's drugs manufacturing is not a loud titles and marketing slogans, but first of all, it is a qualitative production and presence of strict laboratory control. Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co Ltd Company ensures product inspection both at the stage of raw materials purchase and also in acquisition of finished product.

By the instrumentality of high tech and qualitative service, «Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co Ltd» Company gained worldwide reputation in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Since the Company foundation in 1972 there were a huge number of science researches, resulting in more than 100 active components and ready-to-use prescriptions of pharmaceutical drugs have been developed. «Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co Ltd» keeps a lead position among Chinese steroid's manufacturers.

There are more than 2000 workers in company's manufacturing facilities. Employees have high-level skills and they are experts of their business.

It is used only high-quality raw materials for output, allowing manufacture of preparations which fit up-to-date market's requirements. Modern equipment meets GMP standard. Quality control is executing constantly by FDA, DMF, COS.

Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company was created about 20 years ago in China. It produces semisynthetic antibiotics API as well as tableted/injected anabolic and androgenous steroids.

Chinese brand is well-known in their homeland, but in Europe, as well as in domestic market, only advanced athletes know it. Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Company announces: their professionalism is not a loud titles and marketing slogans, but an objective reality. There is information about introduced step-by-step product control system, up-to-date technical and technological level of manufacturing, high-level of service staff's skills. Company announces: its product line of anabolic and androgenous steroids is unique and it doesn't have any analogs.

Working staff of Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Company numbers more than 2000 persons and there are more than 100 prescriptions and active ingredients of pharmaceutical drugs. High-tech raw materials cause manufacturing of superior goods which meet up-to-date market's requirements. successfully sells worldwide products of this brand.

Reviews about Zhengzhou Pharmaceuticals

Can't be said, that Chinese brand's production keeps a lead positions on domestic market. But still, it has certain groups of admirers. First of all, it is result of low price, but at the same time, proper quality too. Different athletes leave feedbacks with diametrically opposite opinions about Zhengzhou Pharmaceuticals. Very often inability/unwillingness of athlete to follow the guidelines and prescriptions about ААС intake become motives for negative feedbacks about ZPHC. To sum up, there are about 99% clients, which are satisfied by quality of company's drug.

Reviews about ZPHC (Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co Ltd.) are subjective and cannot be guides to action. Efficiency is predetermining by many factors, which are individual for each athlete. One and the same steroid could have an different effect for various persons, what is not new and isn't revelation for skilful athletes.