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Vermodje pharma company

SC «Vermodje» SRL is a great pharmaceutical production Company that is situated 10 kilometers away from Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova.

There are about 40 members of the team who are working for this company. This company was created in 2001 and it usually creates and develops different pharmaceutical products not only for people use but apart from that this product can be use for animal treatment.

Precisely in 2013, they have decided to create a brand-new laboratory that was build meeting latest GMP standards and until this moment there have been created 4 production lines such as manufacturing of ampoules, various pills, capsules, and vials. All Vermodje products are in our web store represented with genuine quality.

The total industrial factory consists of 2 floors and regarding the whole space in total there are about 0,25 hectares of the area.

This total area is considered to be the company’s property. There is a special net enterprise zone where:

  • they prepare raw material for manufacturing
  • there is an encapsulation that is held there
  • storing various tablets and pills is a lot there
  • fill the packages
  • the laboratory is totally running and controlling the manufacturing process
  • there are also storage areas, technical facilities , and various offices for stuff, according to their occupation.

The following equipment that they use in Company was provided by the following manufacturers as Uhlmann, Appatebau, Kenwood, and Carvalho. The wholesome capacity makes it possible to have about 60 thousand tablets in this hour.

Vermodje company service offers a system operation engineering and various technical equipment according to the latest standards. The most important person in this service is a Chief Engineer. For a decent working of the engineering service requirement for passport and various instruction of the equipment should be met.

All the sanitation in this company is usually performed according to the instruction of technologies, where it is possible to get information about the material, possible methods and various medications and treatment. Such sanitation as cleaning, disinfection, and washing are performed there. The members of the staff are totally responsible for implementation of all the instructions. Advanced chemists and biologists keep an eye on the sanitary conditions and the regulatory work of chemical methods.

The total structure of this Vermodje 4 Company has been created on the base of conditions for manufacturing and specifies the order of correlation among structured units and the responsibility and reliability of the working staff of the higher range. All the conditions that are supposed to be fulfilled according to the Quality Assurance System promise a legitimate guarantee by proper staff and successful production of various products.

The members of the staff in Vermodje

Usually, the stuff selection is totally based on the education of the potential staff member, regarding the presence of diploma and the presence of essential experience that can be proved with a necessary recommendation or any other documents. Every empty is provided with a different job requirement and responsibilities that usually listen to the documents. Every single staff member knows precisely about rules and other requirements concerning the job and other drug related issue, by the way, personal hygiene rule is very important.

Vermodje - The Policy Training

Vermodje 5 Qualification training is usually based on a strict and well-organized scheduled training for members of the team that had been created by General Director of the Company. As it may seem obvious the one who is totally responsible for a proper functioning of the company and the education system in the pharmaceutical field is an Executive Director. In case there is a need for a certain member to undergo training than Head of QAD takes care of this issue regularly. There is a Chief Engine who usually has to take care of industrial hygiene and fire safety of the pharmaceutical company. SC «VERMODJE» SRL has an interesting internal training along with external ones. While external training is usually used for perfecting the manufacturing and total control of pills and for making the wholesome knowledge more proofing in this field. AS far as you realize what external training are used for that external training make the head department and various professional experts to take care of production on the manufacturing pharmacy and keep an eye on the pharmaceutical productions, and also keep the data in place. External training is usually performed according to the program that was discussed in advance with a professional Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Moldova and various different agencies. It is extremely important to know that every single member of the working pharmaceutical team undergo through all the necessary training and also has a necessary medical education that gives him an opportunity to produce quality drugs and keep an eye on the safety of manufacturing. Head of the unit is usually responsible for running a training program. All the qualified personal has to prove their level of qualified training and the profound experience. For every single member of the team, there are various different training according to the profession requirements and previous experience in this position.

There is a certain pre-employment medical examination that is essential and crucial for every applicant who is willing to get the job, there is a great issue according to which people who have chronicle disease are not allowed to work in the pharmaceutical field in any position at all. Vermodje 6 holds a special examination every year for various specialists, especially for staff physicians, neurologists, and dermatologists, also an ophthalmologist, an otolaryngologist. In case there is a certain health problem or a disease that may interfere with a healthy production of the worker there is a need to report this disease to the head of the department and make sure they send him to a health care.

The members of the staff should be aware of the personal hygiene and certain rules, and apart from it, they ought to be informed about the changes of the clothes while getting prepared for the job in any position.