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Showing 1 - 23 of 23 items

Golden Dragon became Euro Prime Farmaceuticals (Golden Dragon Line).

Since 2016 production Golden Dragon trademark belongs to EPF - Euro Prime Farmaceuticals (Moldova).

Chisinau Endocrine Pharmaceutica Factory

Chisinau Endocrine Pharmaceutical Factory Euro Prime Farmaceuticals SRL was founded in 2014. It is a high-tech production, designed, constructed and equipped in accordance with the national GMP standard. We produce modern, effective and quality medicines, the priority of the enterprise "EPF" is the production of generic hormonal. One of the main priorities of the company is constantly working on their development. Mainly, "EPF" engaged in the development of drugs, but also conducts research aimed at the development of new original drugs.

The "clean rooms" Company Euro Prime Farmaceuticals SRL industrial zone, the necessary microclimate is created by the air conditioning system. industrial air conditioners automation system maintains the right for an air temperature and humidity all year round. Passing three-step filtration, served in "clean rooms", cleansed of microorganisms and aerosol particles. Purified water and compressed air necessary for technological purposes, enter the production area through the distribution system. The company has developed, implemented and functioning quality assurance system in order to guarantee implementation of the requirements of the current regulatory documentation. The quality assurance system allows to comply with three basic principles of GMP: documentation, identification, traceability. in 2016 the company Euro Prime Farmaceuticals SRL won the first annual Notorium competition category Pharmaceuticals.