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Balkan Pharmaceuticals history

Balkan Pharmaceuticals was established in 2006 and is a well-known pharmaceutical company from Moldova. This very famous company is trying to keep people healthy; consequently, they will live longer and have a rich life. For that matter, Balkan Pharmaceuticals utilizes the data from modern researchers in order to come up with the greatest pills and other medicine that will cure major diseases.

The main aim of Balkan Pharmaceuticals Company is to provide all citizens with essential pills and the way of treatment in order for them to feel healthy and live longer. Due to the various donations that private investors make to the hospital and medical research centers, this company has an opportunity to pursue their goals.

Every member of the Balkan Pharmaceuticals team is totally dedicated to the research. They are responsible and hard-working staff, which really helps during the research.

After the establishment of Balkan Pharmaceuticals in 2006 in Moldova it only took three years for this Steroid Company to release their products on Ukrainian market. In the fall of 2010 Balkan Pharmaceuticals was deliberate to cooperate with various hospitals and medical institutions in its motherland.

During this time this company has to decide to invest some money for creating a brand-new complex for manufacturing that was supposed to be located in Singera.

Every single member of the pharmaceutical team in Balkan Pharmaceuticals Company is well-educated and highly skilled. There are about 80 members in Chisinau complex. The main aim that Balkan Pharmaceuticals is trying to pursue is to create high-qualified team members who will be professionals in pharmaceutical productions. In order for the staff of the company to become qualified and competent enough Balkan Pharmaceuticals invites professional pharmacists from EU countries, Ukraine and Romania.

Right now this company is manufacturing about 120 medicines, such as medicines for getting rid of tumors – 29, hormonal medications about 20 positions, medicines that have an influence on a nervous system, digestive system - 13 positions, medicine that will help to get rid of allergy and its symptom – about 10.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals now

This Balkan Pharmaceuticals Company preformed a Romanian investments several times. Apart from establishing a new factory in Chisinau this company spends about 26 million Euros for building a new complex for medical research that is going to be located in Singera. This very building has the greatest and modern medical equipment that is considered to be the best in Europe. This factory has several goals and changes that are going to happen soon, such as inviting more employees about 400 well-qualified professionals, and the medication will be brought not only to CIS but also to the market if the European Union. now is direct customer of Moldovan Pharm giant Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

The whole process of creating medicines in Balkan Pharmaceuticals Company I very strict and precise, that differs from other production companies. This very factory that is located in Singera totally follow all the requirements and meets good manufacturing practices standards on every possible level, regarding the fact that the wholesome area of the factory is about 10 thousand square meters. Various modern systems had been installed in the complex medical factory in order for a proper functioning process and for creating a legitimate environment for staff members. The whole manufacturing process is very complicated and professional pharmacies keep an eye on it utilizing advanced automated video systems. Another important issue is the total sterility of the whole manufacturing process and also of unprocessed materials. Well-qualified engineers stated that such systems do not exist in the area of Moldova.

For that matter, they assume that Balkan Pharmaceuticals, apart from investing money in the marketing of Moldova and developing remarkable projects the members of the company contributed the modern equipment to the pharmacy.

About 98% of the medications that they produce are being sold on the Moldovan market. Due to the reason that medicines have been accepted and evaluated on the market of Russia, Moldova and also Ukraine, Balkan Pharmaceuticals gained a worldwide population and is going to move to the European Union Market in a several couple of years.