Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix 250mg 1ml amp

from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical

Promotes muscle function, muscle size, strength, performance, stamina, and red blood cell production.

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Description of Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix 250mg 1ml ampoule

Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix 250mg is widely known on the market under the trade name of Sustanon. In fact, this steroid product is a mix of four different Testosterone esters. The mix of different forms does not change the main action provided by this hormone. However, the total duration and the initial activity of this Testosterone mix are different.

The major advantage of this unique combination is the ability to maintain stable testosterone levels in a sportsman’s blood with only one injection per several weeks. This is a very important feature for performance enhancers, but Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix 250mg is widely used for many other purposes too. If you want to add this effective steroid medicine to your cycle, please, visit our online-store at steromarket.com to make a purchase.

A lot of bodybuilders prefer using Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix 250mg because it can provide long-lasting action with low frequency of administration.

Zhengzhou is a perfect product for TRT patients. However, it is hard to maintain an extreme level of hormone in a sportsman’s blood, so using single esters of Testosterone is also very popular.

If you understand the hormone’s action, you can determine your individual injection frequency to be used.

Testosterone can increase both your muscle mass and strength, as well as sexual desire, energy and metabolic activity.

The ability to reduce the body fat is very important for enhancement purposes.

Dosage of Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix 250mg 1ml

No matter what purposes you follow taking Testosterone Mix. This unique steroid medicine is suitable for both TRT, bulking, cutting and performance enhancing purposes. It will be a good choice for many bodybuilders.

Average dosages of Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix can vary from 250 mg every two weeks and higher. A lot of bodybuilders take 500 mg of this steroid medicine every week to achieve significant enhancement results in terms of performance. If you have been prescribed this product, purchase it at steromarket.com at the best prices.

Some experienced bodybuilders can increase their dose up to 1000 mg weekly. However, besides the positive actions, this approach increases the probability of side effects as well.

Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix can be taken for a long period of time. Sometimes, it is enough to take this steroid mix for about 8 weeks. However, some bodybuilders can find the duration of 16 weeks much better. Usually, a cycle for approximately 16 weeks is perfect for enhancement purposes.

Side effects

Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix belongs to anabolic androgenic medicines. Therefore, it can provide some typical side effects. However, if the product is used correctly, almost no side effects will be shown due to the natural origin of this hormone.

One of the most negative side effects is testicular atrophy in male sportsmen. When a bodybuilder takes an exogenous form of Testosterone, the natural production of this hormone is suppressed. Therefore, testicles will shrink, because this is the place where the hormone is naturally produced. Usually, after the steroid cycle is discontinued, they will return to their normal size.

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JayS 02/21/2017


Everyone praises is testosterone from Zhengzhou, besides it's a nice price

Mason 02/02/2017


I haven't tried Sustanon from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical yet. Is it real analogue of more expensive one? Or is there more side effects or PСT is longer?

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Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix 250mg 1ml amp

Promotes muscle function, muscle size, strength, performance, stamina, and red blood cell production.

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