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Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix 250mg 10ml vial

from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical

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Description of Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix 250mg 10ml

Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix is a combination of several Testosterone esters, which provides strong anabolic and androgenic actions. This compound is widely used for mass and strength building purposes. If you want to incorporate this effective product into your steroid cycle, please, visit our website to make a purchase. You can find there the best prices available on the market today.

Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix consists of such compounds as:

  • Testosterone Phenylpropionate;
  • Testosterone Propionate;
  • Testosterone Isocaproate;
  • Testosterone Decanoate.

It is this combination of several types of testosterone esters that stipulates the long-term action of this product. The Propionate form becomes effective already in one day after the injection, while other three forms of Testosterone help prolong this action up to 3 weeks.

In general, bodybuilders say they notice a significant increase in strength and mass during the period of taking this steroid mix.

The active life of this unique combination is approximately 3 weeks, which determines the frequency of the product’s application.

Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix belongs to anabolic and androgenic steroid drugs and is manufactured in an injectable form.

Many bodybuilders report that Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix improves post-training recuperation and also increases aggressiveness.

Dosage of Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix 250mg 10ml

An average dosage can vary within the range of 250-1000 mg of Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix. This amount should be injected only once a week.

In general, it is recommended for beginner users to take approximately 250-500 mg of Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix every 10 days. For professional bodybuilders, the dosages can be significantly higher, however. In particular, they can vary within the range of 1000-2000 mg weekly.

Female bodybuilders are not recommended to take this steroid medicine because of the high intrinsic probability of virilization side effects. It is also not recommended for novices, because Testosterone Mix can limit their future progress.

The dosage of 250-500 mg every week is considered to be absolutely enough to achieve excellent performance results. You can purchase this effective Zhengzhou product right now; just visit our online store at

Side effects of Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix

Sometimes, bodybuilders report such undesired side effects as hypertension, water retention and acne.

Unfortunately, Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix is an aromatized steroid formulation and can provoke numerous estrogen-related side effects.

However, the product’s aromatization properties are somewhat inferior to those exhibited by Enanthate or Cypionate forms.

This Zhengzhou product usually causes less water retention than single testosterone forms do and much less than Sustanon does. The fact that Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix provides low liver toxicity is highly advantageous.

Sustanon can significantly suppress the HPTA. This results in the reduced production of natural testosterone. Therefore, bodybuilders are strongly recommended to take Clomiphene or HCG after the end of their steroid cycle.

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Zhengzhou Testosterone Mix 250mg 10ml vial

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