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Description of Zhengzhou Testosterone Cypionate 250mg 1ml

Zhengzhou Testosterone Cypionate is widely used to treat some conditions related with low testosterone levels. This is one of basic products used in Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

At the same time, it is one of the most preferable steroid products for performance enhancement purposes all over the world.

Being a Testosterone-based medicine, the cypionate form provides strong anabolic and androgenic actions, almost equivalent to that of pure Testosterone.

Zhengzhou Testosterone Cypionate can be used by bodybuilders for almost any purposes. At the same time, the product is well-tolerated, which often makes it the drug of choice for many sportsmen. All Testosterone derivatives provide the same action. A type of the ester form determines the mechanism of hormone action. The Cypionate form features some specific characteristics. Detailed information on this Zhengzhou steroid product can be found at steromarket.com.

Zhengzhou Testosterone Cypionate 250mg increases the metabolic activity, which is very important for every sportsman and for any purposes. The product helps HRT patients to easier gain the results they want. As for performance enhancement qualities, this anabolic drug is one of the most efficient products.

Dosage of Zhengzhou Testosterone Cypionate 250mg 1ml ampoule

Zhengzhou Testosterone Cypionate is a good choice for both performance enhancement and TRT. An average dosage for TRT purposes is approximately 200 mg, which should be taken every 7-10 days.

Performance enhancers should take minimum 400-500 mg of Zhengzhou Testosterone Cypionate weekly. Usually, they divide this amount into two equal parts.

In most cases, 500 mg of Zhengzhou Testosterone Cypionate is a pretty high and efficient dose. However, some experienced sportsmen can raise this dose up to 100 mg weekly, especially on the eve of a competition. Taking such high dosages, they should remember that the probability of side effects becomes higher too.  

Side effects of Zhengzhou Testosterone Cypionate 250mg 1ml

In most cases, Zhengzhou Testosterone Cypionate 250 mg is well-tolerated because it is a natural hormone produced by the human body.

However, taking Testosterone-based substances significantly suppresses the production of endogenous testosterone, which can lead to some undesirable effects.

If this medicine is used responsibly, side effects can be almost absent. To purchase this effective steroid at the best prices, please, visit our online-store at steromarket.com.

The main property, which provides some undesirable effects, is Testosterone’s ability to aromatize. It can provide such negative reactions as water retention, gynecomastia, cholesterol issues or hypertension.

The total dosage of Zhengzhou Testosterone Cypionate 250mg and personal sensitivity play an important role. However, all sportsmen, who are on Testosterone Cypionate course should use some anti-estrogens together with this steroid.

All male sportsmen should remember about the high probability of testicular atrophy, which is another side effect pertaining to Zhengzhou Testosterone Cypionate. It is caused by suppressive action of this steroid on the natural testosterone production. Usually, this side effect is reversible though.

Elijah Graham 11/29/2017


Have bought it and now I am should say that effect is really amazing. Training becomes more enjoyable. If use it according to instructions list, of course. Before using of each new steroid first thing what I want - to avoid undesirable effects. So, I am always reading info how to use and etc. Am I right? Its just in case.

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Zhengzhou Testosterone Cypionate 250mg 1ml amp

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