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Description of Zhengzhou Mix of 3 Trenbolones U.S.P 200mg 1ml amp

Zhengzhou Mix is a steroid drug, which is actually a compound consisting of three different ethers of Trenbolone. This hormonal medicine is manufactured in ampules. The formulation combines such trenbolone ethers as enanthate, acetate and Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. According to numerous reviews, this is a really unique combination, which allows to maintain necessary hormone levels in the human body for a certain period of time.

The action provided by Zhengzhou Mix of 3 Trenbolones is somewhat different from that of a single esterified Trenbolone form. Additionally, the use of Mix has several advantages, such as less frequent injections, low probability of certain undesirable skin effects etc. The price of the compound steroid is a little higher though. Nonetheless, many bodybuilders report in their reviews they believe the product is worth buying. You can purchase this steroid drug, for example, at steromarket.com, where you can find probably the best prices available on the market today.

All etherified ingredients of Trenbolone enhance the action of each other thus providing a synergistic effect. Enanthate and Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate forms are actually interchangeable and show similar pharmacological kinetics.

Zhengzhou Mix of 3 Trenbolones provides the following actions:

  • it increases the insulin-like growth factor production and provides an anabolic effect;
  • it inhibits some catabolic processes due to reduction of cortisol levels;
  • it increases libido;
  • it provides strong anabolic effect due to its affinity to androgen receptors. The product allows bodybuilders to increase both their muscle mass and strength very effectively.

Dosage of Zhengzhou Mix of 3 Trenbolones U.S.P 200mg 1ml amp

Reportedly, bodybuilders can achieve up to 10 kg of extra muscle weight after the course of Zhengzhou Mix of 3 Trenbolones. Many bodybuilders take this steroid mix during 8 weeks. At the same time, all sportsmen follow a diet and do proper exercises.

An average course of Zhengzhou Mix of 3 Trenbolones can last up to 3 months. It is recommended to take about 300 mg of this steroid per week because this dosage is considered to be safe and quite effective. This weekly amount of Trenbolone ethers should be increased gradually.

If you decide to prolong the duration of your course, do not forget to add gonadotropin to your steroid cycle. After the Trenbolone cycle, post-cycle therapy is strongly recommended. For this purpose, you can use Tamoxifen or Clomiphene.

Please, consult your doctor before starting the course of taking Zhengzhou Mix. If this steroid Mix is already prescribed to you, probably the best place to purchase the product is our online-store at steromarket.com.

This steroid medicine is often combined with Testosterone, Nandrolone, Oxandrolone or Winstrol, depending on the results you would like to achieve in the end.

Side effects of Zhengzhou Mix of 3 Trenbolones U.S.P 200mg 1ml amp

Unfortunately, this effective combination of Trenbolone ethers suppresses the natural testosterone production. This is why the drug may cause some related side effects, such as:

  • weak sexual desire;
  • lethargy;
  • erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes also high blood pressure, acne, insomnia or intense hair loss can occur.

JAMBALOO Louse junior 11/23/2017

Zhengzhou makes my day

How many times per year should I use it? I dont want to be shredded, I need some fat also)) Winter is coming. I want to but enought packs for following year. Anybody know how many of it I need to buy for result?

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Zhengzhou Mix of 3 Trenbolones U.S.P 200mg 1ml amp

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