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Description of Vermodje Tri-Trenaver 10ml vial

Vermodje Tri-Trenaver 10 ml vial is a combination of three esters. They are Trenbolone Enanthate, Trenbolone Acetate, and Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate in proportions of 50/50/100mg. That efficient drug, in the form of injections, is available on our site -

Considering the esters of the drug, Acetate supports the fastest increase in the index of Trenbolone’s blood plasma. With the help of the rest of steroid’s esters (Enanthate and Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate), this index is staying increased for longer time, as these two esters are given up gradually. Nevertheless, no matter what the esters are used, trenbolone is always a successful androgen, which functioning is highly anabolic. The period of cutting is the best time to use the drug, but it is injected as well in order to improve the mass of the athlete.

Tri-Trenaver combination is famous for its beneficial anabolic features. The sportsmen admire the results, which are achieved from the trenbolone usage, as the growth of strong, upscale and tough muscular mass is supported. Moreover, the whole musculature will become noticeably stronger, with no special diets kept during the period of training (this effect will be attained, if the intake is regular and it lasts for several weeks already). In contrast to the majority of steroids with serious androgenic features, trenbolone has no tendency to aromatization. In addition, the components of the Trenaver drug do not turn to estrogens. It means, that there will be none feminization processes, and that the index of estrogen in the user’s body will not elevate. As long as the level of athlete’s body fat has been reduced with the help of the proper nutrition, trenbolone is able to stimulate the greater muscular toughness development. Taking diet, which is filled with proteins, will be supportive for faster body fat reduction.

Dosage of Vermodje Tri-Trenaver 10ml vial

Before making an order on our site,, it is necessary to understand, that trenbolone could be injected for no longer, than eight weeks. The thing is that the drug is toxic to the kidneys. For the kidneys’ cleaning out, Tri-Trenaver users have to drink additional 4.5 liters of water a day. Thanks to none hydrops and salt retention during the drug administration, the blood tension is not likely to elevate. Trenbolone intake should be supported by the obligatory use of testosterone. If not taking testosterone, trenbolone will not succeed at turning to estrogens. The drugs, which are propelling testosterone secretion, are usually added at the course finish.

Side effects of Vermodje Tri-Trenaver 10ml vial

The possible bad effects of Vermodje Tri-Trenaver 10ml vial are pimples, baldness (caused by androgens), changes in the menstrual periods’ duration (or their absence), sex drive elevation, aggression. The next side effects are most often irrevocable- voice becoming low, clitoris size enlargement and the superfluity of hair on face and legs. If taking more, than 1 ampule a week, there is a possibility of headaches, sickness and lack of appetite.

Kirill Bardeek 09/22/2017

Vermodje Tri-Trenaver 10ml vial

need consult

hi, advise how best to do and what to buy, I need to quickly throw off the fat from my stomach and gain weight on my legs and shoulders, I want to become square to the summer. Also I would like to consult you about circuit training

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Vermodje Tri-Trenaver 10ml vial

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