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Description of Vermodje Trenaver H 10ml vial

The active substance of Vermodje Trenaver H 10ml vial is Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. For appreciably elevated half-life productivity, trenbolone is administered not just by itself, but at the form of its derived type. One of these examples is Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. With the help of such combinations’ functioning with the receptors of androgens, trenbolone production is implemented at the form of metabolite. One of the confirmed proof of Trenaver H high efficiency is the record, established by one of the most famous baseball players- Barry Bonds. In the year, when the record was set up, Barry Bonds used Trenaver H. No doubt, that this beneficial drug, with the rapid action, worth ordering it on our site - The drug is as well preferred by the ability to increase user’s power.

Dosage of Vermodje Trenaver H 10ml vial

The main purpose of the Trenaver H usage among the bodybuilders is to make the body mass gaining more efficient, in contrast to what could be achieved without any helper. The common weekly dosage for the bodybuilders vary from 200 to maximal 1400 mg. At the beginning of the intake, the dose has to be minimal, and then slowly elevated, in order to choose the best drug amount due to the user’s organism reactions. The most recommended dosage is 300 mg per week. When taking trenbolone acetate, the weekly dosage has to be separated into 3 shots (each second day) and if taking trenbolone enanthate-the injection is made one time a week. The closeness of Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate components to the receptors of androgen is much higher, than it is of testosterone (to be precise- 3 times higher). The speed of proteins’ synthesis in the user’s body will be elevated, as the drug stimulates the musculature’s nitrogen intake. The other advantages of Vermodje Trenaver H 10ml vial are the appetite increase and the catabolism’s speed deceleration. The drug is effective at body fat decrease, which was gained earlier. If the described advantages have awoken your interest in the drug, you are able to order it on our site, The users, who mostly prefer the anabolic steroids, value Trenaver for none metabolic reactions with aromatase.

Side effects of Vermodje Trenaver H 10ml vial

The possible bad effects of Trenaver H are sleeplessness, increased blood pressure, sex drive increase and the aggressiveness. These side effects do not take long time to disappear. As trenbolone is not changing into DHT/estradiol (the components of estrogen), the hydrops have no tendency to appear during the drug administration. Some bodybuilders say, that the kidneys will be damaged if the course of the drug will be too long, but there is no confirmation of it. The thing is that some trenbolone metabolites in the urine are reddish, so, many users think that it is blood, but still there is no proof on the drug being toxic to the kidneys.

It is strongly recommended to the female athletes not to take the drug. The reason is that this steroid, (even used at the minimal doses), is causing serious masculinization effect to women users.

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Vermodje Trenaver H 10ml vial

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